I’m currently waiting outside his house to get fucked while his wife is still in the house [F25]

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The guy I’ve been hooking up with didn’t let me finish the last time we fucked so today I drove outside his house and sent him a video of me touching myself in my car.
I saw a couple of people staring at me while I was driving over as I’m wearing his favourite red lingerie with cute garters. I can see from the cars in the front that his family are all in but I don’t care, I will stay here until he comes outside and makes me cum. I will even settle for being throat fucked while I finish myself off. There are no neighbours around as he has one of those long driveways in a private road so I’m not too scared of getting caught. I’ll stay here all day if I have to but I have a feeling he will be out any minute now. I know he loves using my right under his wife’s nose.

NSFW: yes