I’m cheating addicted

I F20 can’t stop cheating. Now I love my boyfriend I really do but he just don’t please me right in bed. Now we have so much fun together dates movies ect but when it comes to the bedroom I never get fucked and if we ever have sex it’s just boring and quick but I went out with the girls once and he knew I was staying at my friends the night anyway and while I was at the club this man, black, tall strong 28 years old he and I got talking as we smoked and he stood close to me and started complimenting my dress and how pretty I was and I blush and say thank you and we keep talking and after a while he held my hips and moved me close to let someone past and I just looked up at him as he looked down at me and he just held on as we talked then after a while he just leaned in for the kiss it was like a movie I wasn’t ready but then I focused and started kissing him back and as he was moving his hands from my hips to my ass and made deep kisses I had started getting wet and I could feel he was getting hard I just knew it then he took my hand didn’t say much other than follow me he took me across the road to this hotel which he had a room in we went to his room and he pushed me up his door kissing me and touching me now up my dress on my ass and I just forgot about everything and we had the best sex I’ve ever had I couldn’t walk after I cummed so much it was the best experience but now I’m stuck as I love my boyfriend but oh my god I love this guys dick and since then me and him still fuck and I’ve had a few black guys inside me since but now I feel like I can’t stop cheating

NSFW: yes

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