I’m addicted to being used by my son

I’m sitting here with cum leaking from my ass as I type this all out and all that keeps running through my mind on a constant loop is how I can not imagine not having this everyday for the rest of my life.

I’m addicted.

I love when he wakes up early after his father leaves for work or on an out of town trip only to discover his way into my bed…and, inevitably, deep inside my tight holes.

According to him, I’ve successfully ruined girls his own age for him. Women who are 18, 19, and in their early 20s girls just don’t seem to do it for him like I do (unless they’re his own sister – but that’s a whole other post) and honestly?

It’s beginning to seem like we shouldn’t even bother trying to keep hooking up with anyone outside of our own little taboo family

All it ever seems to do is invite trouble and unnecessary eyes on our situation.

First, there’s the fact that outsiders can never relate to the fact that we grew up in a generational cult where incest was all but the norm.

Then there’s the fact that once you’ve fucked your own family…your own son…your own mom…there’s nothing that will do it for you quite the same ever again.

Like I said: my son can attest to that.

He just had an insanely messy break up with this pretty vanilla girl he’s been casually dating because she saw some faceless photos he took of me saved in his phone…but just imagine how badly she would have spiraled had she known the woman whose ass was covered in his cum in said photos was his OWN MOM on top of the infidelity.

She could have very well reported us or something!

We currently live in an area where family play isn’t harshly prosecuted against…but still.

It makes my heart race and my palms sweat nonetheless.

Not that any of that means I’m capable of stopping. Of pulling back the reigns and ending things. Of being a “good” “traditional” loving mother for once in my life.

No…of course not…

How can I when I’m so hopelessly obsessed with my son’s gigantic cock? I’ve already got to experience all he can do with it…and I just…I can not imagine ever having to give that up.

In fact, in proving what a cum slut I am for him, i’m probably gonna go give him some of the best head of his life as soon as I hit post on this little vent, or whatever it is.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of my head…

It’s far from a ordinary mother’s.

NSFW: yes

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