Illicit Love

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Eighteen year old Rori knew damned well her stepfather was more than a little kinky-hell, she had seen the videos he saved on his computer and she was as turned on by his favorites as he seemed to be. She had never suspected her mama to be such a prude, or that a little kinky fun would cause the breakup of her marriage. Rori was an opportunist of the first class, and she saw absolutely no reason not to make use of a hot hunk like her stepfather. A little illicit love sounded as exciting as hell…

She knew damned well Mama didn’t love him anymore, they were just staying together for her sake and for her little half-brother Bobby. Angry at her mother, she sided with her stepfather on just about every issue. Their house stayed in a constant uproar.

The first time the argument between her mother and stepfather really got out of hand, Aurora (Rori) Bostics mother Anne had left the house in a rush after an angry yelling match, slamming the door loudly and tearing off in the family car. Several moments passed before Rori noticed Casey, her stepfather, checking Bobby’s room across the hall. Bobby was only four, and it was unlikely he would have been awake in spite of the loudness of the argument. Rori, on the other hand, had heard every word of it.

Mama and daddy had been arguing about sex. Daddy had done his best to keep from arguing with her mother, trying to remain calm while her mama was spoiling for a fight. Several times she had called him a ‘perverted bastard’ and a ‘sick sonovabitch.’ Her voice had carried up the stairs and into Rori’s room, and she had wondered what exactly it was that daddy liked or wanted that mama found so disgusting. Images from daddy’s desktop computer flashed through her brain in hot waves, images from the video’s he liked to watch late at night when he thought everyone was asleep.

She slid one bare long slender leg out from under her sheets and her slim hand crept under the waistband of her sheer panties. Idly she replayed scenes from daddy’s favorite videos in her head as her middle finger gently diddled her puffy clit. He saved his favorites to a hidden folder in one of his work files. She had found them one night when he and mama were out at a dinner.

The first one she watched had confused her at first. A man and a woman, apparently his wife, were sitting at a table in a restaurant. The man kept exposing one of her breasts to passing strangers. One of the men, a handsome one, sat down with the couple and the scene changed to a hotel room. The woman, a pretty blonde, seemed to be a little reluctant, but she allowed her husband to remove her clothes until she was naked and kneeling before the clothed stranger.

The husband held her head while the stranger pulled out a really large cock and pushed it into her mouth. She acted as if she was mad, but Rori sensed that her reluctance was affected. Soon the wife was slurping happily on the stranger’s cock while her husband sat watching and masturbating. It seemed a strange game to Rori, but it nevertheless sent paroxysms of pleasure to her middle, and she felt herself get wet and squishy between her legs. When the stranger threw back his head and groaned, he spilled his thick white cum in her mouth and the wife greedily sucked it all down, licking the stranger’s cock clean. Rori came with a grunt, her finger wet and sticky from being inside her slit. The video was a radical departure from her usual fantasies, but the wicked pleasure she derived from it was sharp and biting. She wanted more.

Breathlessly Rori watched more of her daddy’s stored videos, all variations of a man showing off his woman to a stranger and then either watching her have sex with him or sharing her. Rori’s fantasies had taken a lot of wild turns over her life, but the idea of having her lover showing her off to strangers was new and terribly exciting. The idea of having two men shower her with sexual attention was totally new, and it took all of her willpower to slow down her orgasms when she did think about it.

Now mama had left the house in a rage and Rori wondered if her mother was mad about the videos, or maybe the fact that daddy liked them was enough to make her this mad. She wasn’t sure she understood. The idea that she would be able to flirt with another man while her lover watched, and even participated, was wildly exciting to Rori. What was not to like? It seemed the ultimate turn on to her. Finally, her curiosity drove her downstairs to confront her stepfather.

“You two at it again?” she asked casually.

“You heard, huh?” Casey Sanders’ hands raked through his short cropped dark hair and cupped his forehead.

“Were you arguing about sex?” Rori asked candidly.

Casey’s head popped up. “What the hell gave you that idea?”

Rori’s wry smile startled him. “Arguments where mama calls you a ‘perverted bastard’ and a ‘sick sonofabitch’ don’t tend to be connected with power bills or credit card troubles.” Her smile was wicked and knowing.

“I don’t know how much you know, and even less about how much you understand Rori…” he started.

“I know the idea of watching mama suck some stranger’s cock excites you,” Rori took a stab in the dark to watch the expression on Casey’s face.

“Ah shit,” Casey said to himself. Clearly he figured that Rori was downstairs for the sole purpose of giving him a hard time.

“Why’s mama giving you such a hard time about it? I think it’s kind of hot.”

Rori’s nipples were hard and she was rubbing her thighs together trying to relieve the building heat between her legs. It was the most adult conversation she’d ever had with her handsome stepfather, and he looked so sexy sitting there on the couch with his shirt open and his strong hairy legs sticking out of his soft denim shorts. She stared openly at his crotch.

In spite of how disturbed he was, Casey felt a stirring in his shorts under her hot gaze. “I don’t think I should be discussing my sex life with you,” Casey said.

Rori laughed. “It’s a little late for that daddy,” she said. She took a deep breath and watched Casey’s eyes follow the lift of her small breasts. “I’m eighteen years old now, I know all about sex,” she said, her eyes issuing a challenge she wasn’t certain she was ready for. It was time to forge ahead anyway. “I know what it feels like to have a man’s cock inside me, and I know what cum tastes like.”

She shivered at the memory of Jack Tilman’s huge cock shooting off inside her mouth. Rori had almost choked before she had started gulping the hot viscous fluid, but she had managed. The other girls had been wrong. The stuff was salty tasting but it wasn’t disgusting at all. Best of all, Jack had been as pliable as a puppy after she had taken his load in her mouth. Now he would do anything for her, she had only to crook her finger and Jack would come running to do her bidding. She had loved the feeling of power it had given her over boys, and she had used her newfound skill to collect an enviable circle of admirers.

Casey was taken aback at her announcement. He’d had no idea that Rori was sexually active, and the knowledge cast her in a new light. “You find the idea of someone watching you have sex interesting?” he asked her.

Rori stood up, hiding her nervousness but displaying her arousal, and slowly approached her stepfather. “It’s more than interesting,” she said softly, crossing her arms in front of her and lifting the hem of her tee shirt over her head to expose her small and perfectly formed breasts. “It drives me crazy.” The thin athletic shorts she was wearing created a stifling pressure between her legs, the center seam pressing against her clit and sending waves of forbidden pleasure coursing through her midsection. She sat down in his lap, her pointed nipples just inches from his lips.

“I’m not sure what you’re up to Rori,” Casey said in a strangled voice, “but I’m damned sure we shouldn’t be doing this.”

In answer, Rori pressed a nipple between his lips and felt the hot surge of pleasure overwhelm her sex. Her legs spread apart without conscious thought and her ass began to massage his swelling cock. This was not what she intended when she came downstairs, but now it seemed inevitable.

“Are you and mama getting a divorce?” she asked, running her fingers through his thick hair. She wanted him to bite her nipple.



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