“I’ll Text Him Back Later” [28 F/ 40 M] [Cheating]

My phone vibrated from my partner’s text. The screen of my iphone (the latest model, a gift from my fiancé to celebrate three years together) brilliantly flared to life on my nightstand, briefly illuminating the dark bedroom.

I didn’t reach for my phone, like so many of us do instinctually these days. But, then again, I couldn’t grab it even if I wanted to. My hands were behind my back, my petite wrists held firmly together by one of your large, calloused palms.

Small squeals of pain and pleasure escaped me as you pummeled into me with your chocolate cock, already thickly coated with my cum. My face was buried in the pillow so that our neighbors couldn’t hear my desperate pleas for your powerful cock. Your grunts and my moans were seemingly in rhythm with the oaken bedboard that slammed against the wall with your thrusts. Above us, a framed engagement photo captured the moment I swore to marry my boyfriend rattled precariously, threatening to fall from its mount.

“You don’t wanna return that text?” You teased me, deliberately slowing the frantic pace of your pumping. “It could be your boy,” you added, follow by a low whistle as you delivered a hard spank to my snowy, phat ass.

“I can text him later,” a common phrase uttered when I was with you. I could almost feel your smile as you resumed your vigorous stretching of my pink, fertile pussy.

A few feet away my phone lit up with the reminder. Through vision blurred from tears of unbridled lovemaking, I made out the message from my naive partner. “Night babe, I love you.” It was my turn to smile, before I cried out from a particularly hard thrust and returned my attentions to the only real man that mattered to me: You.


Good morning, I hope y’all enjoyed my excerpt xx

NSFW: yes

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