I’ll fetch you a towel [MF30s][Rough][Dominant]

You’re standing in the kitchen wearing a button up shirt and lace panties, you turn just in time to see my fist grip the front of your shirt. I guide you to the fridge and press you firmly against it. You see the primal look in my eyes before I tear your shirt aside with both hands, buttons clattering on the floor. A hand firmly grabs your breast, pinching your nipple between my fingers, the other sliding over your panties and brushing over your pussy. My fingertips push just a little harder against your lace covered lips and your breath quickens. My hand lets go of your breast and travels up the soft skin of your chest before wrapping around your throat. The other grabs hold of your panties and roughly pulls them downwards, exposing you. Holding you against the fridge I slip a finger inside you, your pussy already wet from anticipation. You moan as I begin moving my finger in and out, getting it coated in your juices. Satisfied you are wet enough I slip a second finger inside you, causing you to gasp as I push them deep inside you. My fingers curling upwards to rub that special spot each time they slip nside you. You feel my hand constrict around your neck, the edges of your vision fading and your moans have to be forced out. My fingers now vigorously pushing deep inside you, your pussy gripping them, trying to keep them inside. You grip the edge of the fridge so tightly your knuckles turn white, then it hits you. Your body trembles, “Oh fuck” escapes your lips. A shock travels up your spine and your hips grind against my hand. A rush of warm liquid gushes over my hand as your body let’s go. I continue pleasuring your shaking body for a couple more seconds. Your juices running down your thighs and dripping off my knuckles onto the floor. I stop, your pussy still spasming around my fingers with aftershocks. Letting go of your neck, your cheeks are flushed and you clamp a hand over your mouth, aware of the mess you’ve made.

Not letting you compose yourself I grab a fistful of your hair, your body shivers as I pull my fingers from your soaked pussy. Guiding you into the living room I push you onto the couch. Laying on your back you watch as I unbuckle my jeans and pull of my shirt. My eyes never leaving your glistening pussy and thighs. I climb on top of you, you feel the head of my cock against your lips before I thrust it inside you. You’re so wet there’s no resistance and I immediately drive my cock deep inside you. I run a hand up your body, squeezing a breast before I wrap it around your neck, you feel my other hand slip under your shoulder and grab a fistfull of your hair. Holding you in place I begin fucking you. Your tits bouncing with each thrust, my cock driving deep inside your mess of a pussy. I press my forehead to yours as you wrap a hand around the back of my neck, nails biting in. I begin to feel myself get close and try to fuck you as hard as I can, you moan “Fill me”, knowing what those words do. Soon I drive my cock inside you with a final savage thrust, you squirm under me, grinding your hips into mine. Then you feel it. A rush of warmth inside you as my cock pumps my seed deep inside you, marking you as mine. When my heartrate comes down I release my hold on you and stand up. Cum spilling from your pussy as I do. I look down at your sweat covered body and cum slick thighs. “I’ll fetch you a towel”.

NSFW: yes

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