I(ftm19) fucked my bus driver (m33)

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Context: he has a gf and I have a partner but my partner is okay with me having sexual partners since sexual things gross them out.

So this happened back in February, during the winter, I was away for a wrestling tournament in the city, the night after we had the tournament, (the man at the time wasn’t a bus driver till recently), and he texted me, asking if I won gold and I did, and my friend was roomed with me in our hotel room we stayed at was invited so I couldn’t go out anywhere, but me and him were texting for a few hours and I wanted to see if he would most definitely fuck around with me, it was around 2 am and I kept on hinting I should go over to see him, he kept asking what we would do if I did go to see him, all I said was “stuff”. And eventually I asked him to meet me. I texted him to meet halfway and I left my roommate alone at 2 am, since she was already asleep and all. And he stayed at a different hotel which wasn’t far from the one we stayed at. I started walking towards his hotel, we met up and we walked back to his hotel room, mind you it’s 2 am and it’s like -25°C/77°F or colder.

Anyway we got to his hotel room, and I was nervous, I wasn’t wearing a chest binder and you could tell I wasn’t since I’m not exactly flat chested. And I found a makeup remover wipe and tossed it at him, and he looked at it, threw it away and told me to “get over here” I felt strangely turned on and I did, we were cuddled up with each other, I could hear his heartbeat since I was laying my head on his chest, and shifted to look at him, we kept looking into each others eyes. And he said we could do whatever I wanted. Me being scared I kept saying “stuff” and I think it was pretty clear to him what I wanted. And he told me to take the lead but I was to nervous.

And so instead I looked at him and whispered “why don’t you take the lead?” which he did, he scooted closer to me and he kissed me softly, and He was sweet, and gentle, and he threw in a soft whisper of “I love you.” His lips were soft and warm against my slightly chapped ones. His hand on my waist which slowly made its way down my thigh, slightly caressing my thigh and he begun to touch me. He touched between my legs, using his thumb, I was fully clothed but yet his touch made me gasp, not feeling another hands touch there so well. I panted softly and let out small noises as he rubbed. He continued to touch me, then without words I helped him take off my pants, he went back to kiss me, still touching me, now only in through my underwear.

Soft pants and moans escaped my mouth, shortly my underwear went along, and he touched me once more, a finger went in, he thrusted it and I desperately tried to hold back moans. I closed my eyes tightly as he so expertly touched me. I felt myself close but not yet there. I stopped him and he smiled softly and, I glanced at his pants and he begun to take them off, I patiently watch him as he removed his pants and boxers. Than we both stripped down, and after I wasted no time to get to work, taking his member in my hand and stroking it, before wrapping my mouth around it, I could feel him get harder in my hand and mouth. I gag as I try to take all of him in my mouth, I pull off and stroke, going back to sucking and pulled off, looking at him, asking permission before I got on top of him, and straddled him, I gasp softly as his member went fully in me.

I begun to move my hips, trying to be quiet as I tried to ride him while being quiet, he took my hips and started to thrust into me, I tried my best to conceal my moans. After awhile I got off and laid back on the bed, he towered over me as he ground against me before pushing back in, I gasp in surprise as how easy he entered me. He whispered softly “are you okay?” And I could only mutter a small “yes”, and he slowly started to move his hips. I pant softly and kept my legs open as he thrusted, he went faster and kept that pace, as he did, he rubbed me there again as he thrusted. I could feel pleasure as he did this than he moved closer, I could feel him get deeper in me and I tried not to moan to loud since we were in a hotel room. I moaned into his ear and held onto him. Moaning his name, he kept his pace and he went faster, I could feel myself get closer and whispered to him, he lowered himself and he wrapped his arms around me, his face between my face and shoulder, his facial hair was tickling me, as he went faster and harder into me, I could hear him mumble “I’m so close…where do you want me to cum?” I said outside and he continued to thrust, his thrusts getting sloppier but slower, he said he was coming and he pulled out, I felt his cum shoot on me and I felt relieved since I came, and he chuckled softly and he got tissues, he gave me some and I cleaned myself, he cleaned himself, “I wasn’t expecting that” he said as he cleaned the bed, I stood there by the bed and panted, we both got dressed, and we sat across from each other and looked at each other. But a small part of me wanted to cuddle him but the clock read 3:22 AM and I said I had to go and he walked me half way back, the air was calm and didn’t feel awkward which I liked about the whole ordeal. And I would totally fuck him again if given the chance

NSFW: yes