I[32m] fucked my wife[31f] in front of her friend and bf

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NSFW: yes

I posted this story before but lost the user account. So wife and I went on a trip to Vegas with her friend and bf to celebrate wife’s friends birthday. My wife is about 5’2″, white complexion latina with brown bair, brown eyes, 32DDD breasts. All three of them went on a separate plane then me but I ended up meeting them at the hotel once I landed. We ended up sharing a suite with two queen beds and it had a living room area. Once we all were together we went to get some food and drinks. Afterwards we went to a dispensary and got some edibles and vapes to take back to the hotel for the evening.

Once we got back to the room, we drank and got high the rest of the night. As we were getting high and kept on drinking, we were getting more relaxed. My wife and I are very sexual people and we’re all the time touching each other and fucking. So getting high, drunk, or both gets us super handsy. After a couple hours into the evening, my wife started to get undressed and had a crop top and panties. Her friend got into a similar outfit. Her bf was still dressed and I was in just shorts. The night continued and my wife and I were now grabbing each other and teasing each other as the other two would watch. Eventually wife got undressed all the way and her friend got down to just her panties and they both posed for pics with a Polaroid. I got down to my briefs but got too cross faded so we all called it a night.

The next day we planned on gonna a strip club. I won’t bore you with what we did during the day but my wife and her friend got dolled up and both wore a dress and heels. I wore a button shirt with black pants. The friends bf didn’t go and stayed. So the three of us headed to the strip club and the bf stayed back. One thing that’s great about the strip club is having girls go with you. All the dancers were on us and kept offering shit. They like to gravitate towards other females. We got drunk, got lit, and all three of us got a lapdance each from this sexy dancer. It was hot seeing both my wife and her friend get touched on from a hot dancer and I enjoyed the dance that I received as well. When we got back to the room the bf was passed out. We got some food and were eating it but eventually the friend passed out as well. My wife and I on the other hand said fuck it and started to fuck on our bed. We were just too hot and bothered by the strip club. She was moaning and riding my dick and I would look over occasionally to see the other couple but they were out. Eventually we both finished with a quiet but intense orgasm and passed out.

The next day we were all hanging out in the room until the evening. I was laying on my bed, the bf was in the living room section, the girls were in the bathroom getting ready. I was high, he was kind of high, the girls were high. At this point the girls were just wearing a shirt and panties but as I was laying on the bed and with out warning my wife just moved my hands to the side, sat on my face and I started to eat her out. Her friend walked to their bed and laid down to watch as she was surprised as well. As I was eating my wife’s pussy she was moaning and grinding hard on my face. I pulled my dick out and started to rub myself as I was just rock hard. My wife got off and moved down to my cock and just took me in her mouth. As I was getting my dick sucked I saw her friend and she was in a state of sexual heat. She was trying not to show but she was touching herself as she was watching us. After getting my dick sucked for what seemed like a good minute, I pushed my wife off of me, bent her over and started to fuck her hard. That’s when the bf noticed that we were fucking. So the bf got up to the where the beds were and see and to watch as I was just gonna town on my wife. Pulling her hair, slapping her ass, her moaning loud, her friend touching herself, her bf just watching. It was such a sensory overload that I realized then and there that I liked having an audience haha. Finally I couldn’t hold it and jizzed hard in my wife.

When we finished, the bf went back to watching tv. I got dressed and just laid on the bed. My wife’s friend said she was gonna take a shower. 10 minutes into the shower my wife went in to see what she was doing. Little did we know she was so turned on by what she saw that she had to relieve herself in the shower since her bf didn’t fuck her. My wife stepped in and started to rub her friends pussy, tits, and also sucked her nips as well. She stayed in the bathroom with her friend for a few minutes then left her alone to finish. About 10 minutes later she finally finished finger fucking herself in the shower. Once we all settled down for a few more minutes, we went to go eat. One thing to add is if they did end up fucking on their bed while we were, my wife and I already discussed the possibility of swapping and we were both fine doing so. But they never fucked and it never lead to that

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