I wish my teacher would pin me against my desk and fuck me


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I cannot help but think about my teacher in class. He’s just so hot, and his voice sends shivers down my spine. I know it’s so wrong, but I cannot help myself. Whenever I’m in class, I begin getting these intense urges, and I just have to do something about it.

So, I begin edging. Right there in class, with everyone else around me. It’s so naughty, but it feels so good. I close my eyes and picture my teacher doing all sorts of things to me. I imagine him bending me over his desk, or pushing me up against the chalkboard. I imagine him touching me in all the right places, and making me scream with pleasure.

I know it’s so wrong, but it’s just so exciting. I cannot wait to see him after class and see if he notices how turned on I am. Maybe he’ll take me back to his office and show me what he’s really made of. Maybe he’ll teach me things that I never even knew were feasible.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about my teacher like this, but I just cannot help myself. He’s just so sexy, and I’m so turned on. I’ll have to be careful not to get caught, but it’s just so thrilling to be doing something so naughty right under everyone’s noses.

NSFW: yes

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