I Went to Class With My Professors Cum in Me [23F]

So with all this travelling and skipping of classes I’ve been doing I needed help from my professor. I’ve visited him a few times during office hours. So he knows me. I’ve seen him starring at me time to time in class.

It’s a tough subject and I’m really not paying attention this semester. I’ve like half checked out of plebeian life. Anyways, point is I needed help.

I will preface this with, he has a dad bod but looks good. Properly groomed and maintained facial hair. Salt and pepper. My kinda dad.

I email him asking him if he can see me before or after class. He refuses. Says to book time during office hours next week. I really need to know these things ASAP for studying or well “studying”.

I pester him over multiple emails. He was well within his rights to just not respond back to me but kept responded.

He is all “This is highly unorthodox Ms. AE blah, blah, blah … lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” and then he finally agrees but at an ungodly hour of the morning. “I can only accommodate you at 6 AM tomorrow”

JFC. Is the building even open at that time. Fine. Why are you being difficult!

So I wake up at 5 AM to get ready. I’m half asleep. I make my way to the building and he’s walking in at the same time as me. We chit chat. Hi. Hello. Why the fuck are you mean and making me wake up at 5 AM? Not really but I wondered it. We get to his office. We chat. I ask my questions. I’m writing notes.

About half way through the hour I think I’m done asking everything so I begin to pack and he goes “So you really don’t remember me do you?”


“Never mind. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“What do you mean?” I’m genuinely lost, I persisted though for some stupid reason. I should’ve gotten the hint the way he said “you don’t remember me do you?”

“Well I booked you at the agency” JFC. How many of my professors have I fucked for money!?

I made like a squeaking noise as a I gasped.

“How many times?”

“Just one”

“Oh. So how do you expect me to remember you then?”

“No I know thats why I never said anything”

“So why didn’t you visit again? Was I not fun?” Now I’m curious

“I think it was just your first week so maybe you had jitters and you know” he just kinda shrugs

I gasp again. An unsatisfied customer!

“And I tried to book you again but you were always fully booked and our schedules didn’t really align much and then you disappeared”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Anyways, forget I said anything.”

“Well I mean I could make it up to you” I can not have an unsatisfied customer I walked over to his chair also I haven’t had a dick in days! DAYS!

“Oh no Ms. AE that would be wholly inappropriate”

“That’s okay. Nobody needs to know” I say as I notice a picture of his family. Ugh.

“Somebody will see us Ms. AE” he is very formal with the whole Ms. thing.

“It’s 6:30 in the morning this place is deserted. No one can see in your office. Don’t be difficult. It’s a free blowjob.”

“Just a blowjob?”

“Oh now you want more? I don’t have condoms”

I get down on my knees. He doesn’t withstand anymore and I give him a blowjob. Average dick. Nothing extraordinary. “Sorry I haven’t been to the agency in a while so haven’t shaved” “It’s okay I’ve seen much worse”

I keep blowing him at a fast pace. He’s holding my hair with one hand and caressing my head with the other.

“Can we fuck?”

“I don’t have any condoms” I said in between blowing him

After a while “Please?”

Fuck. Fine. Whatever. I was pretty turned on. He’s not a client anymore. He never will be again. I stand up, remove my pants, remove my underwear, gag my mouth with my underwear – I can not be making noise in case someone was here – bend over his desk and spread my legs.

He pounded the life out of me for 5 minutes. I had an orgasm. He turns me around so my back is on his desk and keeps pounding for another 5 minutes. Groping my tits through my top the whole time. I had another orgasm.

The underwear muffles my moaning.

Then, without warning, he finished inside me. Deep inside. Thrusting hard with each spasm. That ass. He fell on top of me sucking my tits through my top as his orgasm died down. He pulled out. I removed my underwear from my mouth and went down to my knees to clean his limp dick up.

“Sorry” he says “I couldn’t resist”

“It’s okay. You’ll just have to pay for child support” I say getting off my knees

He gives me a look “I was joking. I’m on the pill. It was kinda hot. Better than last time?”

“Yeah. A lot. Uhh do I owe you anything?”

“You can’t afford me monetarily. But an A+ in the course will do”

He laughs. “Well I can’t really do that you need to submit an essay and the final is multiple choice so”

I keep looking at him as I’m getting dressed again.

“I mean I can tell you the questions on the exam and the answers the rest is up to how well you can memorize stuff. I wouldn’t know which version of the exam you’ll get”

“And the essay?”

“I mean the TA does most of those”

I keep starring at him. Fuck that. I’m getting my A in this course. It’s a hard subject. I wish to not study. I’ll fuck for it though. I am a whore after all.

“Okay I’ll make sure I grade your essay … but this can’t be a one time thing”

“You’re writing my essay, the whole point of this is so I don’t have to do work”

“Twice a week”

“Once. I don’t have that much free time. Take it or leave it. And if you tell anyone about this – online or otherwise – I’ll ruin you”

“Alright once and who am I going to tell?”

I shrug “Just making sure and I’ll be nice, this didn’t count as your once for this week and I’ll throw in anal with a condom” I spank my ass, “oh and I expect my essay by next week as an advance” and left his office.

I went to his class later in the morning, what the hell I was already here, with his cum randomly leaking out of me adding to the rest that had leaked out and dried on my legs already. I hadn’t put my underwear back on. I might have a new kink.

After class he calls me out “Ms AE can I see you”

I walk over to him “You want another round”

“Not so loud” he whispers “but yes”

“My next class is in 2 hours”

He booked a cheap … or rather the cheapest … hotel room where he fucked me again … he lasted a decent 20 – 25 minutes this time around … he had his first ever anal session, we picked up condoms … I didn’t finish … happens I guess … he added to his load from the morning, I stuffed my underwear into my pussy for him to see “woah” was his reaction and I winked to him.

“Are you satisfied with your service this time around?” I asked him

“Extremely” he said making out with me

We Uber back to the university and I went on my way to my next class.

I went over some ground rules in the Uber. The Uber driver gives us looks. He is all what are you doing. It’s good to talk about this in public so he doesn’t protest much. I tell him I’m okay without condoms if he isn’t seeing any other girls except his wife and I need a weekly test from him. Otherwise we are using condoms. He agrees.

Guess I’m fucking a professor for an A this semester. Assuming he holds up his end of the bargain, my mouth and vagina will be working extra hard for an A. Oh. Yes. And my ass.

This is reckless behaviour no? There is no way in hell this comes back to bite me right?

NSFW: yes

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