I watched my wife at our wedding reception.

At the reception after the wedding, there was a big crowd. Tons of family and friends packing the venue. Lots of food, music and drinks throughout the evening. Brooke had changed out of her wedding dress into a typical white dress. She looked so gorgeous and I was ready to fuck her as soon as feasible. She told me to be patient and that it would be worth waiting.

I took a break from the dancing to rest. Brooke was out there with several of her girlfriends and a few guys. I noticed a guy I didn’t recognize. He was an older guy, perhaps our parents age? He was tall, in fairly good shape, bald with a trimmed beard. He was in the middle of the crowd, not really dancing with anyone. I turned to talk to someone and when I looked back to the dance floor, I see this stranger talking to Brooke. She’s laughing and smiling but her facial expressions changed. I can not describe it, it was just odd. Someone takes my attention away for a minute and when I look again, my new bride and this stranger is gone.

I immediately get up to look for her. I ask a few people that was dancing if they knew where she went, nothing. I left the reception hall and walked down a hallway. I’m about to turn a corner when I hear Brooke say, “holy shit, that’s huge.” I stop in my tracks and wait a second. The next thing I hear is slurping sounds and then gaging. I peek around the corner and I see my new wife on her knees with the stranger’s monster cock in her mouth. She was gaging but only had a third or so of him in her mouth. I instantly got hard as I watched her suck this stranger.

I hear someone coming up behind me and when I turned around, I see Cassie, Brooke’s maid of honor. I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet. Cassie peeked around the corner and saw Brooke sucking this stranger. When she quit looking, Cassie brushed up against my hardon.

“Oh, seems like you like watching your new wife suck this guy’s dick? That’s not fair of her to do that to you. I should suck your dick, just to make it even.”

Before I could protest, Cassie was on her knees, pulling my cock out and stuffing it into her mouth. I nearly blew my load as soon as she started but I held my composure.

About a minute later, we both heard Brooke say, “I need this big cock in me.” Cassie stopped blowing me and we both looked around the corner. Brooke put her hands on the wall and spread her legs. The stranger pulled her dress up to discover her white thong. He bent down and with ease, ripped it off of her. He then took his cock and guided it to her pussy. With one thrust, he was all in. A loud, “oh fuck,” escaped Brooke’s mouth as he slammed into her. I watched in amazement as my new wife was getting fucked by a stranger.

He grabbed her by the hips and began to assault her pussy with everything he had. The smacking of his thighs on her ass was so loud. He had put her ripped thong in her mouth to quiet her moans. I heard Cassie gasp at the event we were watching.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Cassie lift her dress up and back into my cock. “Fuck me,” she said as we continued to watch Brooke get fucked. I grab my dick and push it into Cassie’s waiting pussy. I tried to slam into Cassie with the force this older man was doing to my wife but I couldn’t, his stamina was incredible. I probably wasn’t in Cassie a minute before I blew my load inside her.

I looked up at them and I made eye contact with Brooke. I knew the look in her eyes, she was about to cum. With a scream, her body shook as her orgasm took over her body. She began to squirt, which surprised him and he pulled out. He tried to get back inside her but she fell to the ground, facing him. He stroked himself a few times and came all over her face and the front of her dress.

He pulled his pants up and put his cock back into hiding. He turned and saw Cassie and I. Cassie had pulled her dress back down but my cock was still out. He sort of chuckled as he walked towards us.

“Hope you enjoyed that, I did. Your wife is a great fuck. Congratulations.”

He hit me on the shoulder and walked away.

NSFW: yes

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