I watched my best friend get fucked in front of me, then I took my turn

You dont need to read my previous story, but in case you missed it: I was hanging out at my (male) best friend’s (female) house when we both got horny. She ended up inviting me to suck on her tits while she jerked me off.

We were already close but that evening definitely made us closer. We talked about it, when other friends weren’t around, but I expressed I was still really shy about it. A few weeks after we did sleep together though. I dont mean to skip over any interesting parts, but trust me the best stuff comes next.

The day after we officially fucked, I had both her and another guy friend over to my place. We were hanging out watching TV or playing games, when he spots a condom in my trash bin. He points it out and starts being like “oooo somebody got laid!” I’m a little embarrassed and he starts asking who it was, since he knows I’m single.

“It was me actually” my girl friend pipes up. He goes a bit quiet and is like “wait really?” He starts asking if we are dating and she says no, she just likes to fuck and wanted to do it with me. I confirmed the details and said that condom belonged to both of us.

Thats when he starts getting real chummy, saying he loves it when friends platonically fuck, and he’s glad we found a hobby together. We keep hanging out and he won’t stop asking about it, dropping hints like “man I wish I had friends like that.”

Well sure enough me and my girl friend look at each other and she says “well I’m not busy right now” and takes her top off. Remember, my girl friend is short, cute and VERY busty. You almost need two hands to get a grab around one of her tits, and they are very soft (and tasty).

Hes sitting on my couch and she hops on top of him. I sit nearby to get a better view. She begins riding him, with both their pants still on. He gets really into it, pulling her bra up and letting her enormous breasts fall out. He feels her up as she grinds back and forth on him. They begin to make out and my hands are in my pants rubbing my cock.

After a few minutes of that, she gets off and takes off the rest of her clothes, and he pulls down his pants. His dick is rock hard, just like mine. His is more curved than my straight dick but about the same size. Thats when she hopped on top of him, grinding her pussy against his raw cock. It really didn’t take long for it to slip in, and they both made an audible gasp.

Then he starts rocking her up and down. At this point my dick is out, and I’m looking at her tits bouncing up and down as my guy friend fucks her right in front of me.

Its so hot knowing my cock was inside her the night before and now someone else was fucking her right in front of me. I didnt mind that he was fucking her raw, though in hindsight that wasn’t very clever (we were all safe afterwards, have safe sex please)

When he eventually came I could see the orgasm on her face. He buried his face in her chest as they both came down from the high, and she hopped off of him and laid down across me, her head on my lap and her legs on his.

I was so turned on by the idea of his cum running out of her. He went to the bathroom to clean up, and thats when I made my move. I took his spot, pulling my pants down but leaving my shirt on. She was a little surprised, but all for it.

His cum was so fresh and warm, and my cock slid in so quick. Her moans were so much louder and I think she was a lot more sensitive after cumming once already.

Her cum and my other friends were spreading all over my dick and spilling onto the couch. I leaned into her and felt her breathing on my neck as I kept going at full speed. I didnt stop until I came and combined by cum with theirs.

My guy friend came back into the room right after I had finished. He called me a cuck and I said technically he was the one standing around watching. We cleaned up the couch but she stayed naked on it for a while longer as we continued gaming and watching TV. She only got dressed before she was about to leave for the night, and asked we keep this night between us.

Not sure if it was considered a threeesome or a cuckold but whatever it was, we were all into it.

NSFW: yes

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