I was the party favour for a client’s boss’s retirement party [27F]

My client asked me to strip for his boss’s retirement party. I’ve taken part in my fair distribute of debauchery with clients but stripping was not something I felt confident that I could do well. I’m a plain-looking woman with a skinny-fat body. Heck, guys who did compliment my looks usually say that I look innocent, giving girl-next-door vibes. He assured me it was just entertaining guys, nothing I haven’t done to close a deal before, so I agreed.

He picked out a bikini for me to wear. The party was at a penthouse. There were 17 guys. They were sweet, not too demanding and not judgmental of my poor dancing. I lost the bikini pretty early on as I was giving lap dances. Guys also did shots off my body and touched me all over. A couple of guys got really hard during the lap dances. One guy pulled his cock out so I started sliding my pussy lips on his shaft. It was such a turn on because we were technically not fucking but we may as well have been.

It was the guy that was retiring’s turn. We each did a line of coke, then enjoyed our foreplay in front of everyone. The guys cheered for him as I twerked in his face while he stuck his tongue out to lick me. I also pulled his cock out and did the pussy slide move again. This time, I couldn’t hold back and “accidentally” slid his cock in. Unfortunately, he didn’t last very long and came in me pretty quickly. He was done for the night and the party dispersed into three smaller groups as some guys started separate conversations among themselves.

One group stayed with me, wanting me to continue dancing and even asking me not to bother cleaning up!! We got intimate while cum was still leaking out of me, I gave similar pussy slides that turned to fucking while also letting them have my ass. As the night went on, I got more and more drunk and pretty much just slumped over as they had their way with me, though I still felt like I was able to agree to things.

We eventually went to one of the rooms as the wanted to DP me. It was like I was back in school having a train run on me! The guys didn’t mind making physical contact during DP or swapping holes and plunging their cocks into a hole their friend just pulled out of. They made me cum over and over again and eventually finished in my holes, mouth or on my face.

When everyone was done having their fun, I was a complete cum-covered mess. By that time, I had sobered up a bit and my client gave me the money and called an Uber to take me home. He told me afterwards that I had fucked 11 of the 17 guys. I hadn’t had so many guys at once in quite a while, it was really fun and definitely something I’d do again given the chance!

NSFW: yes

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