I was paid to perform with 4 guys at a live sex show in Las Vegas

About 3 years ago, I read a post on Reddit about how someone was able to pay off their student loans by performing at a live sex show. Curious, I messaged the author of the post to understand more about it. After some back and forth about her experience, I decided to jump in and see what would happen. She connected me with some people at the club to explore further whether I wanted to go through with it.

I went through a fairly intense and involved interview process over the next several months. I almost told them to cancel my application many times throughout the process as I had second thoughts. But, I eventually completed all of the steps and made it through each round of selection. Then, several months later, I found myself in an airplane on my way to Las Vegas. The trip there is a complete blur in retrospect – my nerves and anxiety were running high thinking about what was gonna happen that night.I remember the drive over to the club – one of the few times I’ve ever been in a limousine. As I met some of the others who would be performing backstage, I started to relax a bit – they all seemed so typical, so friendly. That and a quick shot of vodka helped to calm my nerves. Suddenly, I hear my name called and I made my way to the stage. I remember looking out, seeing about 100 people, some sitting just 15 feet from the stage I was standing on.

I looked over and saw two very sexy guys walking towards me from the left side of the stage and then two others coming from the right. My heart raced, knowing that these 4 men were about to have me in every feasible way I could imagine. For over an hour, the 4 of them took turns having sex with me, at times all 4 playing with me at once. There were moments I felt I wouldn’t be able to continue, but mixed with these moments of intensity were moments of complete pleasure that kept me going. It helped that these 4 guys knew what they were doing, knowing how far push me without going too far. I came countless times during the first half of the show, with the latter half feeling more like an athletic event of endurance but still having breakthroughs of intense pleasure. I am naturally submissive and this was by far the most submissive I had ever felt, with 4 men I had never met before having their way with me in front of such a large crowd of people.

I’d be lying if I said money wasn’t the main factor in my performing at the club, but it was easily the most intense and exciting sexual experience I have ever had. The money I made that night was enough to pay off almost the entirety of my student loans. It took me a while to process what happened – at times I felt dirty, other times empowered, and at times even aroused thinking back to the experience. I haven’t yet decided if it is something I’ll do again.

NSFW: yes

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