I was Mistaken for an escort and I didn’t mind. [26F]

Last night I went alone to a wine bar that was connected to a hotel. My boyfriend was working late and I was just trying to wind down, so I try to put myself together a bit even though it was just a Tuesday night. I sat down, looked around and was reading the wine list when someone sent me a drink.

A little later, an older gentleman walked over and introduced himself as Gerald. He asked me if I would like to join him and his friends and gestured to a table of four older gentlemen. At this point, I still wondered it was just drinks, they probably saw me alone and wanted some female business, so I accepted. I sat down with them, flirted a bit, then they lowered their voice and asked me what my rate was. I was confused, then shocked and didn’t really know what to say. It wasn’t my best look so it felt so flattering an a turn on that they wondered I was out looking for clients.

Without thinking it through and possibly because I was a little wine drunk, I stammered, “A h….hundred?” They were surprised and Gerald replied, “For an hour with the five of us?” Uncertain if that was too high or too low, I just said “yeah..” They were confused but quite happy to hear that, so we went up to one of their rooms and one of them handed me an envelope that had $400 inside.

As they took their clothes off, two of them took some pills that I figured was for erections. One guy said, to them, “you sure going over your dose is a good idea?” He then turned to me and joked “If these two get a heart attack, the rest of us will tell the cops you had nothing to do with it” I giggled and gave him a kiss. We walked over to the bed and they felt me up while stripping me naked. It started with a blowbang, then they put on condoms and took turns with my pussy. It felt good, they were aggressive and knew exactly how they wanted to fuck me, so I directed my attention to jerking and sucking the other guys while one guy hammers away at my pussy.

It took quite a while for them to cum because they were taking turns and resting in between but one by one, they eventually all finished. Most decided to paint my face or have me swallow and I got a few body shots too. As they sat down to recover, I wiped the cum into my mouth, then started helping by sucking them. It took a while and some got hard before the others, so I fucked those ones first.

The guys wanted my ass for the second round, so we did DP but everyone would get to fuck my ass. They were okay with the intimacy of DP and it seemed like they do this pretty often as the positioning was no issue for them. They fucked me hard but it took them much longer to cum this time round. Meanwhile, I was at the edge orgasm throughout the fuck, with them taking me over that edge several times.

The night concluded with them all cumming on my face. We had like 45min left but they were done, so I took the time to clean up then hugged and snuggled a bit with them. I left after four hours and got home before my boyfriend did. Turns out I my rate was far too low but oh well, it was fun and this isn’t actually my profession.

NSFW: yes

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