I was laid off in Dubai for 17 hours. Fucked by 3 guys! [29F]

I love to have a trip! I had a chance to travel to more than 20 countries but haven’t been to Arabic countries before. And as an attention whore, I loved it!

This happened a couple of months ago…

I just posted to a Dubai community that I will be in Dubai for a couple of hours and looking for someone to meet up. It got hundreds of messages. This was the first time that I have seen that much demand really.

I picked one of the guys to pick me up from the airport before the departure. When I landed, I was kinda nervous. Am I showing too much skin for a Muslim country? is it really safe to have ONS in Dubai? There were so many questions in my mind.

I passed the passport control easily and checked the phone. My guy was outside of the airport already. He was tall, handsome and muscular… Better than the photos. I kissed him kindly and got into the car. While he drove to the hotel that he chose, we had a small talk. It was not really a long drive. He touched my legs several times and it felt pretty okay. I was feeling that I can spend my time with this man.

When we arrived at the hotel, he carried my luggage and handled everything. While we were in the elevator, I was touching his pants already.

When we were in the room, he nicely took my top and skirt and pushed me to the bed. He asked me to play with myself. I was laying there completely naked and started to touch. He was standing in front of the bed and watching me.

After 5-10 mins, he pulled his dick out and I started to suck it. It was a very good cock to suck and his touches on my head were turning me on. He fucked my mouth for some time.

Right after it, he pushed me to the bed and jumped on me. He played with my pussy a little bit and started to fuck it. I was moaning seriously as he fucked me really well. The position changed several times and he asked me again to blow him again.

After a small blowjob, I went to the doggy style and right after he fucked me a little bit more, he cummed on my ass. He got all the cum in his hand and asked me to suck it.

After we took shower, he started to wear up. I asked him to stay and spend the next day together but turned out he was married. 🙂

That was the 1st fuck I had in Dubai…

NSFW: yes

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