I want you to ruin my life

I still live with my parents. I’m still in college. I want to discover you and meet you, and I want you to breed me. I want you to ruin my life with your desires for me and my fertile womb. I’m a kind and innocent daughter. I’m doing very well in college. But I want my friends and family to begin noticing me coming home later… my friends wondering why I keep skipping college. My parents wondering why my grades are slipping. They don’t know yet that I’ve met you. And I’ve been with you for days on end- only coming home to sleep. While everyone excepts so much of me, I’ll be getting filled by you. You spend days coating my insides with hot seed. Splashing my womb over and over. We go for weeks until they begin sitting me down to try and understand what’s wrong. But I tell them nothings wrong. I’m happy and I’m doing good. They don’t understand- they tell me my grades are slipping and they barely see me, so it’s impossible I’m doing good. But that’s not what I meant. I’m doing good work for YOU. On my hands and knees like a dog, waiting to serve you. I’m your perfect cumslut. I don’t take any pregnancy tests, so after a few weeks, I begin noticing the changes in my body. But by that point, I’ve let your seed take root inside my womb- it’s irreversible. You and me see the changes when I’m naked, but no one else can just yet. No one understands my side effects. They’re confused on how my personality could change so much. The bright, young and innocent girl they all knew. They wonder where she went. So it comes as an even bigger shock when they slowly begin noticing me grow… at first they look at me and wonder. No one was expecting that to be the reason, so they don’t believe their eyes at first. Some think I’ve just gained lots of weight. Others aren’t so sure. The answer becomes clearer the more time passes. I don’t try and hide it. I don’t cover myself up in sweaters so they never see my grow. So soon, everyone is gossiping about how my life will be ruined. They’re talking about how I could do this to myself. But they don’t know it’s my purpose. It’s your purpose to make me swollen and leaking, and it’s my purpose to grow until I’m bursting. They don’t find out it. Soon, there will be no doubt in everyone’s mind. Everyone who tried to ignore it, not wanting to see the changes, but they can’t help it when I’m big and fat. My breasts swell out of my bras, my shirts and pants don’t fit me anymore. My tummy is just so gigantic, it can’t be concealed any longer. My parents are disappointed, not knowing how they raised me to be like this. They’re scared, worried you forced yourself in me and I’m suffering consequences. They’re right about that, but it’s not a negative. You did force yourself in me, again and again- wether I’m sleeping, telling you no, or can barely move- you make sure to get what you want from me. My friends stop talking to me, as I’m so consumed with telling them all about you and how good you make me feel. How much I craved to be large and fat with your baby. They don’t find out the hard work we’ve been through to get to this point. They don’t admire the way you thrust yourself so deep into me you hit my cervix, over and over for days. How you empty yourself into me every chance you get into my completely unprotected and fertile womb. They don’t know why I’d want to be so big and fat, my breasts swollen and veiny. Waddling like a penguin, constantly crying and moaning about the weight of this baby, about clothes not being able to fit me every week. They don’t know how much I wanted you to ruin my life. To give me want I want… to make me a mommy and to please daddy in every way I can.

NSFW: yes

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