I want to do this so bad 😩

*I push you against the wall, pinning your hands above your head. I run my hand up your shirt, sucking on your neck as I slowly grind myself against you. I bite your neck, marking you as mine before I push you down onto the bed and climb on top of you, straddling your waist. I grind again, a little harder this time as I slip your shirt over your head. I push you back down on the bed, licking from your waistband to your lips, biting your bottom lip as I grind rhythmically on top of you. I smile as I feel you straining against your jeans so I slide down, popping the button to let you throb freely. I lean down slowly, barely licking the tip before pulling your jeans and boxers off. I take you in my mouth, pushing you into the bed firmly when you try to buck your hips. I swirl my tongue around the tip, relishing in your moans, moaning myself when I feel your hand grip my hair tightly. I let you take control, holding still so you can use me properly. I pull away, laying down on the bed for you to use however you wish…*

NSFW: yes


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