I want to be abuse fucked 19f

I was feeling horny while walking around the mall so I went into a changing room and made myself cum. I was about to make the walk home, when I wondered I might as well visit the bookstore. I saw there was a sale on erotic novels. lol One of the books I saw was ‘Erotic Erotica: short stories from my past’ lmaooo. I read the description:

“A beautiful, slender woman has an affair with a handsome stranger in a hotel room. An amorous encounter turns into a passionate love affair that leads to the woman’s first ever sexual experience. When the couple’s passion is over, the man, in a fit of anger, brutally assaults her.”

I was like wtf is this and bought the book. I took it home. The story wasn’t very long, but it was beautifully written. It was a bit short of 100 pages, and I was willing to finish it, I enjoyed the ending haha. As I read the book, I felt an incredible sense of pleasure and arousal. I ended up cumming to the wondered of being beaten and abused. Something about the idea really turns me on. Im not sure what

NSFW: yes

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