I visited a gloryhole [26F]

I was in a foreign city on company for a week. It was a very busy week, so I didn’t get to pay much attention to my sexual needs and after a few days I was pretty pent up. You know how you get after you haven’t fucked in a while, the horniness impairs your judgement and you just need to get some release.

On my last night I had the night off finally. So I went online to see what sort of sexual trouble I could get into in this city. There were some strip clubs and a few swingers clubs. But since I was alone those weren’t an option. There was also an adult theater with booths and gloryholes. In all my slutty adventures I have never actually done a proper gloryhole before. I mean I have at a sex party. But that was different. Here there would be actual strangers on the other side of whom I would never even see their faces. My pussy tingled at the wondered of it. So I headed out to the adult theater.

Once I arrived I was pretty nervous about what I was gonna discover in there. I opened the door and was greeted by a middle aged dude sitting at the front desk. I asked him where the booths with gloryholes were. He gave me a grin and pointed them out. I said thank you and went in. Once I was inside the booth I removed all my clothes. I wanted to be as exposed and risky as feasible. I wanted to feel vulnerable. I also didn’t lock the door, so that anyone could just walk in and see me there all exposed and at their mercy.

So there I was, all naked in a booth in a strange city waiting for a cock to appear through a hole in the wall. There was a porn film playing on the screen in the booth. I watched it for a bit while I was playing with myself. I heard a noise from the booth next to me. Someone clearly came in there to have some private time. I stuck my hand through the wall indicating I was there and showing my painted nails to show him I’m a woman. I made a surprised but delighted noise and moments later his cock appeared through the wall. This is it! I wondered. I grabbed his cock which was semi erect and slowly started to jack him off. I heard approving moans coming from the other side. I felt him grow in my hand. I opened my mouth and let him enter me. I sucked him off as if my life depended on it. I had missed the feeling of a nice hard dick between my lips. He started to thrust his hips a bit and I could feel he was getting close. He knocked on the wall indicating he was about to cum. I sucked hem even harder and there it came! Big streams of warm cum filled my mouth. I love that taste. This strange man just used me as a cum dump. He pulled back his cock zipped up and left. Outside I heard him say to another guest there was a girl in one of the booths that will suck you off. Good, word was spreading. That meant I would soon get more cocks to suck and more cum.

Seconds later I hear someone enter the booth next to me again. I see an eye appear in front of the hole. I guess he wanted to make sure I was real. I lean back and let him have a good look at my naked body. He can see all of me, but I cannot see him. This made me feel pretty exposed and horny. The eye disappears and I hear him unzip. Moments later a hard cock comes through the hole. I immediately grab it and put it in my mouth. I begin sucking vigorously again. This guy only lasts a few seconds and he doesn’t even knock on the wall. All of a sudden my mouth gets filled with cum. I am so surprised some of it leaks out of the corner of my mouth onto my tits. I swallow the rest and release him. He zips up and exits. I hear him say: ”Dude, she’s naked in the booth and smoking hot!” This gives me a boost of confidence. It also indicates the next guy is already waiting. Sure enough I see an eye in front of the hole again. He says: ”wow, you are hot. Is there any chance I can fuck you?” I never considered that option, but I don’t see why not. If I bend over the hole is roughly at the right height. So I say sure, my pussy is wet enough. I stand up and bend over with my ass pressed against the wall and my pussy in front of the opening. I feel his cock press up against the opening and he enters me. Slowly this stranger from foreign city whose face I cannot even see starts fucking me without any protection whatsoever. His bare, hard throbbing cock violates my cunt and I let him. The wondered that he his gonna pump his sperm into my unprotected vagina is sending shivers through my body. He slowly ups the tempo until he’s banging me hard through this thin wall. I hear a knock and he stops thrusting. I guess he expects me to pull away and let him cum outside my pussy. But I push back against his cock and that sends him over the edge and he fills my slutty cunt with his hot sperm. I am fingering myself and I feel some of his cum leaking out of my cunt over my clit and fingers. The wondered of this happening gives me a shivering orgasm.

throughout the night I suck of a bunch more cocks and each one cums in my mouth or my pussy. Then all of a sudden, right when I’m in the middle of blowing yet another cock, does the door to the booth open. I look to the side with the cock still in my mouth. I am met by the stunned faces of 3 guys waiting in line. They all get a good look at my naked body that is covered from head to toe in strange mens cum. The guy that opened the door was the dude that I met earlier that night at the front desk. He says: ”We’ll be closing soon.” I hear groans of disappointment from the other men who didn’t get their turn. I look at him and say in a horny daze: ”I guess I’ll have to finish you guys off all at the same time then.” The guys cheer and the doorman looks at me with a surprised look in his eyes. He then shrugs his shoulders and says: ”Sure, why not. Let me lock the front door. Do it quick though, I want to go home.” I accept his challenge. I emerge from the booth and tell the guys to get their cocks out. The guy in the other booth who I was sucking off hadn’t finished yet so he joined us as well. Because his cock was already hard I told him to lie down on his back. I straddled him and took him in my cum soaked pussy. I took some pussy juice in my hand and lubed up my ass a bit and told the guys the first one to get hard could stick it in my ass. The guys quickly started jerking off and one guy got hard instantly. So he positioned himself behind me and slowly started pushing into me. I told him I was just fuckmeat, so you don’t have to be careful. Violate that ass, I don’t care if it hurts. I was so cockdrunk I didn’t care what happened to me anymore. He pushed hard and it hurted, but he got in fairly quickly and started thrusting. The other guys, including the doorman, gather around my face and I took turns sucking and jerkiing them off. One by one they covered my face and filled my mouth with cum. The guy in my pussy also came fairly quickly because I had already sucked him of for a bit in the booth. The guy in my ass took the longest to cum. He wanted to savour the experience. But when I tightened my muscles and squeezed his cock with my tight ass he couldn’t hold back anymore and filled my slutty ass with his wonderful cum. I collapsed on the floor and fingered myself to one more orgasm with all that cum with 5 complete strangers looking at me. I would never even know their names.

After that I didn’t bother to clean myself up. I just put on my clothes and left. As I was walking back to my hotel, my clothes were wet and sticky from all the cum and my hair was a mess and my face was also still covered in cum. I got a lot of strange and judgmental looks from the few people that were still in the streets at this hour. I loved every minute of it. The clerk at the front desk of the hotel also gave me a look of disgust and it made me feel like a worthless cheap whore. Back in my room I noticed how exhausted I was. I fell asleep in my clothes and still covered in cum.

Kisses where you want them…

NSFW: yes

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