I used to seduce my older sister’s guy friends when I was just a teen.

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When I was 18 and still in sixth form (I guess I was a senior by US standards?), one of my two older sisters had gone to study medicine at uni (let’s call her “J”. This meant I was the last of us children to still be at home, hence why I used to go visit J as often as my parents would allow. She was my ticket to a fun night out. J lived in a uni dorm and was almost exclusively friends with other people studying medicine. And I’ve at all times had a thing for clever and older guys. She is the middle sister and was at all times reserved and I am the youngest and was lot more confident, especially as I was away from anyone at home where no one could judge me.

Whenever I would visit J I would convince her to go out clubbing with me and bring her friends along. Now they were only a few years older but at that age, the gap felt much older… especially as they were at uni living by themselves and I was still gonna sixth form. I could tell her guy friends wondered I was hot but didn’t want to do anything because of the age gap and I loved that!

I had a huge daddy kink (I say had, it’s never gone), and I loved begging for them to use me. I’d call them daddy and tell them my sister would never have to know. I loved watching them battle with what they wanted to do, and what they should. I was on a mission to sleep with as many of them as I could and I at all times got them to do exactly what I wanted. We would make out at the club and then have to wait until we got home and my sister went to bed. I would tell her I’m gonna hang out with everyone in the kitchen and join her later. And then it was a waiting game, we would wait until everyone else slowly left to go to bed and it was just me and J’s friend.

I still remember the cheap blue couches they had and how we’d have to fuck slowly so that they didn’t push along the floor making a loud noise. We would’ve waited for ages by the time they’d finally get to fuck me. I was teasing them all night and finally, we were alone. It was at all times best to fuck in missionary so that I could wrap my legs around them and pull them in deeper. It also let me dirty talk directly into their ears. I’d at all times make references to how young I was … that daddy was taking benefit of his little slut. When they’d creampie me, I’d go back to bed with my sister and go to sleep, I still don’t know if she knew what was happening just outside of her room.

NSFW: yes