I used to have sex with my first girlfriends mum and she used to dress up in her daughters clothes and underwear for me.

My sexual history, although pretty perverse and certainly not what you would consider ‘normal’, has defined my sexually preferences profoundly and I feel compelled to distribute a few with this community. Whether they may be helpful to others or just entertainment, please feel free to DM if you’d like any more details.

So, this particular episode occurred during my gap year before I went to University. I’d made the decision to take some time out and work, partly to fund my university degree and also to gain some worldly experience. I had a girlfriend at the time whom I’d met at work and we began – what was a pretty vanilla – relationship and I became friendly with her family pretty early on in our relationship.

She was very conservative and we’d agreed from the outset that we’d not have sex but, would happily do foreplay as our way of being intimate. This was totally fine for me and I actually enjoyed just being relaxed with her without the pressure of ‘performing’ and it seemed to suit our pace of relationship well.

That said, I found myself incredibly attracted to her mother and felt connected to her in methods that were far more intense that the feelings I had toward my girlfriend at the time. Although the dynamic between her mother and I started innocently, I was unable to suppress my attraction and was soon being quite flirtatious and suggestive toward her.

She was happily married and had never been unfaithful but my advances seemed to flatter her somewhat and she became quite flirty back to me, but only when my girlfriend was not around, at occasions such as when I’d go around to have dinner with them all and we’d get some moment alone together.

This flirtatious behaviour continued for, what must’ve been a few months, gradually getting more and more suggestive until I took the initiate one afternoon and went around to her house, knowing my girlfriend was at work and she’d be alone.

Although she clearly knew what I was up to, she was tried to demonstrate a certain level of innocence but, as we spent some time chatting, the flirting ramped up and we were soon being very suggestive toward one another.

This manifest it’s self in me daring her to kiss me.

Initially she resisted but, as the atmosphere was so sexually charged, she agreed and lightly kissed me on the lips, pulling away very quickly. It wasn’t long before this developed into us passionately kissing and holding each each, fuelled with primal carnal sexual desire.

She’d never kissed anyone outside of her marriage and I could tell the thrill was sending her wild.

As the passion between us amplified, we – without hesitation – rushed upstairs and continued to have full penetrative sex in her marital bed.

This was how it started and, knowing I was not sleeping with my girlfriend, this made her very sexually naughty and, in a demonstration of me wanting her more than my girlfriend, every time we would meet subsequently, she would be wearing my girlfriends clothes and underwear. It used to drive me absolutely wild!

NSFW: yes

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