I unexpectedly squirted at work and was worried it would be seen!

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In my line of work I sometimes see a nice cock Or gorgeous vagina and nature takes over and puts me in the mood. Yesterday I saw two! I saw a nice cock on a hot guy and about an hour later I saw a gorgeous shaved butterfly pussy(which is my favorite)! I was able to keep the urge at bay after seeing his cock but not after seeing her vagina! So on lunch, I went to the floor bathroom, leaned up against the wall, spit on my fingers for lube and stuck my hand down my pants to rub my clit. I was imagining having a threesome with both of them! I was obviously over the edge because when I came I squirted a decent amount in my panties and scrub pants! I don’t squirt often and when I do it’s definitely unexpected! I all the time love it but not so much when it’s at work! My panties were fine but when it showed on my scrubs I was sooo worried and embarrassed! I tried to use the hand dyed but it wasn’t working fast enough! I immediately and quickly walked to my station and sat there until it dried!

NSFW: yes

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