I took my married friends’ lesbian virginity on a girls only trip

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NSFW: yes

&nbsp Four of my friends and I at all times take a girls only trip. 3 of us started this in school and our newest friend started going with us two years ago when she started working with my bestie. This year we decided to go to Miami in April after school spring break was over.

&nbsp The new addition to the group has been friends with us for 2 years. Her and I are the only ones currently married. Her husband treats her like shit. He belittles her in front of people all of the time. One night I was done listening to it and I told him that one night I’m gonna treat her like she needs to be treated. He laughed and didn’t believe me. That was a mistake that my bestie new was a mistake because she knows how I am.

&nbsp Now we are in Miami and it’s our second night of four. We are out having dinner and drinks by the water and she gets a phone call from her husband. And as the dick head at all times does, he ruined her fun by calling her, fat, useless and that she lucky to have him because no one else would have her. I wondered, it’s time to prove him wrong.

&nbsp We all continue to hang out and have cocktails and we finally had her having fun again. I was sitting by her and I grabbed her hand and held it. She looked at me and smiled. I held it for a few minutes then started scratching and rubbing her lower back and she put her hand on my knee. I then leaned in and asked her if I could kiss her and she looked a little nervous and said “I don’t want to do it in front of everyone though.” She said “can we go to the bathroom to do it?” That was obviously fine with me. We went in there and went to the larger stall. She leaned up against the wall and I asked her if she had ever kissed a girl before and she said “no, but I want to.” So I leaned in and we started kissing. I was long, wet and very sensual! I pulled away and asked if she would be mine tonight and she smiled and said “yes, but I’ve never done this before and I may not be good at it.” I said “just let me pleasure you then. You deserve to be treated like a queen.”

&nbsp We get back to the table and my bestie just smiles at me and shakes her head a little. She knows me too well, I guess. So we pay our tab and we are heading to our Uber. She reaches over and grabs my hand as we’re walking to the car and my friend decides to record it, lol. (I actually made a TikTok out of it and yes she said I could)

&nbsp We arrive back at the hotel and she follows me to my room. I wasn’t sure she was still interested but that was a dead give away. I tap the key card and enter the room and she follows. The door closes and I grab her hips and push her against the door. We begin kissing passionately now and I said “you can slide your dress down if you want.” I meant just a little to expose her breasts but she dropped it to the floor. I smiled and started kissing her again while massaging her breasts. I then begin kissing her neck and she’s gasping a little. I then move down to her breasts and begin kissing and sucking and she lightly says “oh my god!” I pull back and say “take your panties off and go lie on my bed if you want.” She said “I want you naked too.” Easy enough. Now that we’re both naked, she grabs my hand and leads me to my room.

&nbsp We lie down on the bed and begin kissing again. I begin to slide my fingers in why we are still kissing. She starts hip thrusting my fingers and I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to taste her! I kissed my way down there. I lightly kissed her clit and then opened my mouth and went for it. She moaned so loud and long and I was turned on by that and her taste! About two minutes in I started to rub myself and she said “don’t do that. I want to do that to you.” I said, “can we do it together?” She said “yes.” So I twisted around, threw my leg over her face and lowered my hips down. She went for it and I “melted” when her tongue touched my clit! We went on for about 15 minutes or so licking, fingering, moaning, etc. All of a sudden she pulls back and says “I’m about to fucking cum!” I lick faster and put more pressure on it with my tongue. She then starts to shake and screams soooo loud, hip thrusts my face and has a enormous orgasm! It was so gorgeous! She pulls my hips back down on her face and eats my pussy until I cum harder than I had in a long time!

&nbsp We are now lying face to face under the blankets and she says “ I think I love you.” I just chuckled and smiled. She said, I’m serious.” I said that “we’re married but maybe we can continue this when we are away together.” She said “I want that.” We fell asleep looking at each other and haven’t had another opportunity yet but it’s coming because when we are around each other now we smile, smirk, stare and flirt the whole time.

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