I tied up my date while she was sleeping

I was heading back to the bathroom while I think about yesterday. The day was great. We’ve been in a cozy cafe and spend almost the whole day chatting about our life and everything we have in common. We get on very well and it feels like we know each other for years. And her body, I cannot stop thinking about her body. Laura’s smile is so cute it makes me so happy endlessly the seconds she starts giggling. Unfortunately we didn’t had sex yesterday. It’s not like I exptected it but I wished she made the first move. Especially because she asked me what I like most in bed and we talked a lot about what wee missed in bed the last few years and relationships. The whole night she made insinuations about making the next step with me. I guess she was waiting for me to initiate it.

I open the bedroom door. The red sun rays of the morning shining through curtains enlighten the room in a warm and cozy setting. The bed is right behind the door. Laura is laying on her stomach with her arms and legs stretched out to each corner of the bed. The blanket covers her bent right leg. My penis is starting to get hard after I watch the rest of her exposed naked body. We both like to sleep naked. Once you try it you never want to wear anything while sleeping, it’s just gets uncomfortable.

I slowly begin jerking off the second my eyes discover her pussy. Even if I only see her lips slighly it turns me on to the moon. I still wonder why she stays the night over sleeping naked in my bed and not initiaten anything. My plan was to wear underware to not make in awkward for her. But as she got naked under the blanket and threw her panties apart there was no point for me wearing anything.

Last night we talked about that be both like bondage and tying up ourselfs while masturbating. Becasue we both had partners before that were not into bondage we only could enjoy it on our own. I think about tying her hands and legs to the corners of the bed. Some time ago I installed a restraint system under the mattress. I could’nt use it with someone so far and alone it’s kinda useless if no one can make you a good time.

First I went to her left leg because it was closest to the corner. I carefully begin to lift the matress and pulling out the first cuff. My heart starts pounding. Hopefully I don’t wake her up. I cuffed her leg and went over to her hands. Laura’s right leg is still bent and she most certainly wakes up if I try to stretch it to the corner of the bed. Cuffing her hands was easy. I also tightened the restrains a bit more to give her less space to move her arms.

Now comes the hard part. I step with my first leg over her body to get to the other side of the bed. After putting it down she starts moving. Please don’t be awake. I’m not finished tying you up. My balls swinging over her naked ass I don’t move a muscle. I look down to see my hard penis is almost about to drip some precum. Oh no. My heart stops beating and in slow-mo I see a big drop of precum is making it way down onto her body. Of course it lands right on her butt cheek. After a few seconds my body was overflowing with relief. She still seems to be asleep. The precum on her butt cheeks just makes me even more horny.

I went back to company and slowly to the right bottom corner. I kneel down and let my hand glide over her spine down to her ass. My hand rubs the precum all over her butt cheeks. I let my dick drip some more precum on her ass to make the cheeks all shiny and wet. Well I maybe should tie her last leg first in case she really wakes up. Slowly I stretch Laura’s leg. It felt like an eternity. Better be save than sorry. Finally all her legs and hands are tied. But what do I do now? I could give her a nice wake up fuck but I have a better idea.

I move over between her legs to have a nice and clear view on her butthole and pussy. With some more precum I rub her lips. They feel so soft and warm it’s like they invite me to fuck her. I begin licking her lips. She tastes so good, almost sweet. I love eating pussy and her taste just makes me go wild with my lips and tongue. My tongue went all in her pussy. I notice some motion of her body but much movemnet is not feasible, at least with her arms and legs.

I hear some quiet moans. Laura seems to be awake. My penis pounds with every moan. She is lifting up her ass which gives me perfect access to lick her clit. The moaning intensifies and gets louder. Seeing her butthole while eating her out makes me want taste her ass too. I never tried licking ass nor did we talk about anal. I just give it a little lick to see her reaction. Her body twitched the second my lip went all the way up. I stop for a second but Laura says “don’t stop. Eat my ass it feels good”. Of course I continue as she says. Her ass does not taste bad but not better than her pussy too. But I like how she moans and moves her body along with my licks.

Now it’s my turn. I get up and massage her ass a little and enjoy the view of her sexy body. I sit down her thighs and rub my dick between her lips.

“Please I wanna feel your cook. Fuck my wet pussy” Laura moans.

As soon as she finished saying pussy I let my dick glide all the way down her pussy followed by a loud moan of her and me. Her whole body tenses. She pulls on the cuffs with all fours. The restrains resist everything no matter how hard I fuck her and she pulls on them.

I can feel that she is close to cum so am I. Her breath gets shorter and shorter. The moaning gets louder and louder. I slip one finger down her ass.

“OH YEAH” Laura screams “I’m cuming”

Her whole body starts shaking. Laura screams so loud that I give it a last and forcefull thrust down her wet tight pussy.

“Oh good I feel your warm cum” Laura says. Her words are cut of. She probably didn’t had such a good orgasm a long time ago.

I feel the warm cum too. I feel it flowing around my dick making its way down her pussy. As soon as I pull my dick out of her pussy the cum is not dripping but flowing out of her. The whole bed sheet under her is wet and coverd in cum.

I lay down own her back and give her a kiss on the neck. Her smile makes me smile as well. She moves down her head to give me a kiss on my mouth. Our first kiss.

NSFW: yes

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