I thinks my husband’s brother wants to fuck me

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NSFW: yes

Soo Reddit family.. I couldn’t come on here for a few weeks due to some circumstances. Life happens, you know how it goes.

My husband’s family is moving to our city so i was helping them out. His younger brother is staying with us for the past week or so and im noticing some odd things.

We at all times had a good relationship, i was like his younger sister. So maybe im imagining things.

But when i was cooking the other day, he came into the kitchen for a drink. And it was unnecessary but he almost rubbed himself on me while passing to the fridge. My pussy responded immediately but I didn’t say anything.

It also seems like he at all times wants to use the bathroom after im done. Just this morning i came out, still pulling my dress down and he was in front of me already unbuttoning his pants.

I mean. We became like siblings over the years. But the way my marriage and sexlife is going now, i would absolutely have sex with him. It was strange to think of at first but now i want to know if he wants it too. ?

How do i go about this guys! And because i know some of you missed me i’m posting my pussy on my user account! ??

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