I teach (41m) an artsy and willing Asian (29f) to be a pillow princess


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On my last company trip to San Francisco, I met Charlotte online and we hit it off. 5’4” with sexy curves and C-cups she had that innovative Awkwafina vibe.

She had that attitude that whispered “I’m a good girl gone bad” and attraction to successful older men who know how to take control. But I told her that I was a little bit different: I get off on treating her body right. I can get rough, but it’s not where I begin. This set her off as she told me she’d at all times wanted to figure out what “pillow princess” feels like.

So we met at 9pm in my hotel lobby. Smiles and small chat to break the ice as we analyzed the designer decor and which movie sets it would fit right into. She told me she felt surprised how calming it was to chat with me. and that my confidence was apparent but didn’t feel forced or cocky.

Soon the subject turned to sex. With her cutest Asian pouty face, she told me that she doesn’t cum from oral alone. I love a good challenge and so I made my move: I invited her to my room to enjoy some Japanese Ramune drinks! For those who don’t know, those are the fizzy fruit sodas with the marble up top which seals the bottle. Great, fun drink and I bet you didn’t expect to hear a sex story reference Ramune.

Now to the good good stuff. I’m gonna take my time for you just as I did for her:

First kiss felt so natural, when our lips lock and slide so smoothly it makes me think of proceeding all the way down her body. But I pulled away to lay side by side with her on the bed almost snuggling. I wanted her to feel comfortable laying back, not to feel like she had to perform anything for me.

I started my massage and soon found the first “button” that set her off. After I worked my way down her back, I noticed tension in her hip fascia. While I rolled over her tension with my firm wrists, she told me she’d started squatting at the gym. Now I knew I could demonstrate my expertise to her: I lifted her leg and took her through some stretches I knew. Then I opened her hips and slid my kneading hands to her inner thigh and pressed her hips down. I wasn’t anywhere near her bikini line, but the control I held over her body, the healing it provided and the indirect sensation of her panties tickling her clit could only be met with her first moan.

There’s something unforgettable about that first look and taste of pussy. For some men, that’s the begin of selfish conquest but not for me. My mentality is like an explorer who just spotted land on the horizon. I know I haven’t yet begun to explore. Tasting her glistening flower is just the begin of my quest to bring it to full bloom. So I slide in to find everything within those folds. Sometimes it starts a little bitter as sweat mixes with sex, but soon this turns to nectar. My eyes closed, I take the leap into where I know there is no going back.

Something I love about giving oral are the subtle changes in taste and texture that clue me in to her arousal. My instinct lit by her pheromones just give me the hints I need to navigate her topography with eyes wide shut. Even if her clit is just a tiny eraser-sized button, I’m building a detailed map in mind. As she swells, I feel the topography like a mountain but if it’s too intense I feel the recession of a fertile valley. So it was with gorgeous Charlotte, her clit felt like it was made for my mouth and every millimeter felt like a mile as I felt it all.

After I’d gotten a feel for her, I flipped her over onto her tummy to send a message: be my pillow princess. Most women are used to a guy going down for a bit, then looking for the perfunctory blowjob into missionary sex. Flipping her onto her tummy sends a different message: you can use my face for your pleasure.

Soon enough the taste and viscosity of her juices changed. What was light and slightly sour soon turned sweet. I’d compare the taste to coconut juice as my tongue flicked her clit up and down, my hands spread her legs and I heard the first “don’t stop” of the night. Soon her hips started moving with my tongue and I had to fight for leverage to control her strong legs as she contracted and released. Orgasm #1 had come. “Is there any woman you can’t make cum?” she asked after she caught her breadth..

I never stop after the first orgasm. I think of the first as like the feeling one gets from a nice massage. It’s relaxing but not another level. What I want to give with that second and third orgasm is closer to the full inner release you’d feel from say a full session of hot yoga where your body melts and mind fades as you fully release.

So I turned her back onto her back for Orgasm #2. This time she was ready for more pressure as I pinched her clit between my lips, sucked the tip inside my mouth and dipped my tongue into her vagina to feel. Soon my fingers started bracing her clit from the sides as I flicked from the bottom, then kissed and sucked swallowing just enough of the juices to keep the sensation firm. “Oh god” and there was #2

Now I sensed the opportunity for full release which I knew could only come if I showed a little dominance. Understanding that she’d experimented with some rough play before, I didn’t hesitate to slide two fingers inside and let my thumb smack against her clit while I pounded and curled my fingers up an inch or two inside. Rocking back and forth, and talking dirty this was the first time I saw that lost look of bliss in her eyes that I crave. Sliding my body up to lick her nipples while I pressed me case inside her brought on #3

Finally I deserved a little rest myself. I told her to tongue the underside of my mushroom head patiently, just tease me and never put it in her mouth. She was eager and able. For the first time, I felt that electricity creeping up but I didn’t want to cum. I asked her to rim me softly, she’d never done it before but she eagerly complied. Job well done rewarded.

Soon enough, it was time for me to get back to work. Sex, squirting and orgasm 5-9? are coming up next but I’d like to hear what you think. Should I should continue?

NSFW: yes


  1. intellectualbliss

    I’d love to hear comments and what made you lose control. This is a true story…

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