I sucked the guy who fucked my girlfriend at the beach


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The last summer me and my girlfriend went to a nudist beach near a small Black sea village. She took off all of her clothes and laid down on the towel. There were a few men and women around some of them naked some with swimming suits. In the late afternoon most of the people left the beach…. There was a guy, a few years older than us, who was wearing swimming suit and he passed by several times and stared at my GF’s pussy. Finally, he took off his shorts and we were amazed to see the enormous uncut semi soft meat and the big hanging balls that he had. My GF couldn’t help but stared at it most of the time. He noticed her attention and came closer to us and put his towel 2 metters apart of ours…

By that time I have discussed with my GF that I want to distribute her and see her suck another man’s dick, but she did not agree up to that moment.

She started to make some teasing moves, she leaned forward with her ass towards him and then he started stroking his cock… it was a thick 21-22 cm gorgeous cock. She looked at me and I noded in agreement and asked him to come closer so he laid next to her and she started massaging his big balls with her small hand and when she cought the shaft she moaned in excitment… she was biting her lips and was very anxious to take it in her already watering mouth. After a 20-30 seconds of stroking she leaned forward and sniffed the head of his dick and moaned even louder, took out her tongue and licked the whole shaft… she loves the smell of a dick… a few moments later she was trying her best to take it as deep as she can. There were some people around so we had to go to the nearby rocks for some discretion. We went there and she kneeled in front of him and started to make the blowjob of her life. She was trying so hard like it was the last time she is sucking dick… it was 15-20 minutes that she couldn’t take it out of her mouth even to take a breath. She was rubbing her tight pussy which was dripping wet then she pushed him to seat on the rock and she started rubbing that big dick head on her pussy lips and then…. With one movement she took the whole things to the balls and screamed wildly… His dick became wet and creamy to the balls… It was about 1 minute of hard fucking when his cum started spraying out and falling on her tighs… it was a enormous amount… She got mad that he came so fast so she cleaned her pussy with a napkin and left for a walk. When she got enough far away and I started watching his dick dripping drops of cum he asked me if I want to try it… by that time I have sucked a few cocks when I was a teenager and she wasn’t aware of it… So I turned around to see again if she is far away enough and took it in my hand, started stroking it and kneeled down and slowly approached it to my face… It smelled like cum, dick and pussy at the same time but I was so horny that I couldn’t withstand and put it in my mouth. The drops of thick cum that were left in his urethra directly went into my throat. That turned me on even more so I tried my best to pleasure his dick. I sucked him 10-15 minutes when I started stroking him wildly and he then pushed my head towards his dick and sprayed all the cum that these balls had all around my mouth. I went to the sea to wash from the thick cum and in a few minutes my GF was back and they were talking something. After that we didn’t talk much about it.

Several months later I found out that they have had arranged a date in a in a hotel a couple of weeks after that experience and he fucked the the shit out of her… They even tried anal (which she did never let me do to her) but only half of his dick managed to enter inside her virgin asshole. I was a bit angry but the fact that I also sucked his dick made up a bit….

P.S. Most of the photos on my user account are from that day.

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