I sucked off a male colleague in front of my supervisor. [F23]


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For those of you who have never lived outside of America or Europe, well, let me just say, well, how do I even put it … Life is very different outside of America and Europe. Life is definitely harder for a lot people, but also easier for the few. I’m living in Shanghai right now and I work for a business that’s actually headquartered in America. In my department there are three men and two women. The three men all came from America. And oh, I almost forgot, there is one technical guy from India. Then the two women are me and another Chinese woman who graduated from Fudan university.

We had to work really late to get some projects done and afterward, the supervisor said why don’t we all go out for some snack and drinks, so all five of us headed down to a bar on Nanjing Road. As soon as we went into a bar, the three white men from our group were immediately surrounded by a group of Chinese sluts dressed in some cheap slutty clothing. My other Chinese colleague and I originally wondered they were prostitutes, but as they mingled with our group, I realized that they were regular Chinese girls. Then I wondered, well, maybe they are not from Shanghai. They were probably some peasant Chinese girls from backward provinces where they have never met tall, handsome white guys. And I got “slapped in the face” for that as well. In Chinese, “slapped in the face” is an idiom to mean your point has been confuted.

At this point the two of us were just sitting awkwardly while our three white male colleagues were exchanging numbers, wechat messaging, and on the verge of making out with three Chinese girls who were all probably half their age. White guy #1, the supervisor, is in his fifties. The other two white guys, white guy #2 and #3 are in their early forties.

And on top of that, all of them are actually married already. White guy #1 is married to a girl from Suzhou. White guy #2 and #3 are married to a Taiwanese girl and a Korean girl, respectively. I was fuming. To be honest, ever since I came back to Shanghai, I have yet to get lucky. When I was studying in America, I was surrounded by hot white guys. They were nothing special, but to the white-cock-starved Asian sluts here in Shanghai, a white guy is literally like a freakin’ rock star. It’s almost like Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan walked, to put in an analogy that you, my American reader, can comprehend more easily.

Well, if you want to play this game, so can I. I had been attracted to white number #2. I know he’s married, but here in China, all the good looking white guys are married, and even if he’s not married, by the second year in China, he’s probably had a few dozen Chinese girlfriends, if he’s conservative.

So I decided to teach those stupid Chinese sluts a lesson on who’s a bigger slut. I have my pride. I was educated in America. I used to hang out with white guys always. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the stress or having not had sex in over six months I grabbed white guy #2, pulled him to my side, and unzipped the flyer to his pants, and just started sucking his cock right in front of everyone, including my supervisor. When I just took his cock out of his pants, it was still flaccid, but as soon as I put my mouth on it, it immediately started to engorge and he was putting his hand on my head. I was really proud of myself at that point. I heard someone saying “Oh, Ms. Liu,” but I didn’t care. I needed to take my dose of cock. It took about five minutes before he shot his load inside my mouth, and I swallowed most of it. Some landed on my chin which I wiped off with a napkin. By the time I sat up again, I saw the three Chinese girls were staring at me and not saying a word, while the two white guys, including my supervisor were smiling and drinking beer. My only other Chinese colleague, the girl from Fudan, had moved far away from me and was cowering behind white guy #3. The other patrons at the bar were also looking in my direction, and to my surprise, no one seemed very surprised. I guess everyone’s already got used to see common Chinese hookers giving blowjobs to white guys on Nanjing Road.

For those of you not in the know, Nanjing Road is sort of trendy for being the white-expat sphere of influence. Most of the customers here are westerners, so are the hotels, restaurants, laundromats, etc. It’s still part of China, but only rich westerners and Chinese who work for them come here. Regular, poor Chinese people wouldn’t really fit in here.

And yes, technically prostitution is illegal in China, but, the funny thing is China has the number of prostitutes in the world. And if you are white guy, you can pretty much get away with anything. Now the white guys living here will vehemently deny it, but this is how most Chinese sees it anyway.

I guess I taught a lesson to those Chinese girls. I taught them who’s a bigger slut for white cocks, and the fact he cummed in my mouth so fast made me really proud of myself. Tomorrow I will have to give my resignation and move to another business.

NSFW: yes

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  1. SwingerPlay5223

    If you resign, you can always join another company with plenty of white guys. They will be giving you the time of your life, you slut.

    Or maybe white guy #2 enjoyed it so much, he’ll leave with you

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