I (straight male) used to let twinks dominate me

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Hey all! 🤗

I have been feeling very sexually frustrated lately, and I can’t stop thinking about this stretch of time in school where these two twinks would milk me every week. I became friends with these two very feminine thin guys in my dorm during my junior year of school. I’m a large, athletic, lean guy.

We became casual friends – not friends that would plan hanging out, but they would be in one of the dorm lounges studying and I would pop in and chat. One day when I was studying with them and it was really late the topic of porn came up. I told them about my porn preferences which is that I pretty much only watch tied handjob porn. Every time I masturbate I would type in “tied handjob” in pornhub and jerk until I finish. It was just my favorite thing to watch. However, I am straight, so it was at all times a women milking a man.

When I told them what I watch they said how they were both switches and most of the time they got off they tied each other and jerked the other off. They almost never had anal sex. Then they proceeded to show me some videos of them. It was a video of one of them stripped naked, tied to the bed, and rock hard. The one jerking him off was holding the camera phone recording, so all you could see was his slender arm in the video. You wouldn’t know it was a guy jerking him. It looked just like the type of porn I got off to. The video was only about 45 seconds long, but I was rock hard by the end of the clip.

I told them that I absolutely loved the video and that I was actually hard. They totally lost it when I said that. They were so happy when I said I was hard at that moment. Then they said they would love to tie and milk me. I was caught up in my horniness, and I immediately said let’s go!

All three of us went to their room. I got completely naked. I laid on their bed, they tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts, and they milked every last drop out of my cock. I came so fucking hard I was convulsing on the bed. I can’t even say how many times I went to their room (which was only 2 floors down from me) that year.

It was our nighttime ritual. Roughly twice per week I would go to their room, let them strip me naked, let them bound me tightly how ever they want, blindfold me, and edge me.

I really miss those school days. I have never kissed, touched a man sexually, or had sex with a guy – and I never want to. I do now seem to have a kink though to be bound and milked by a very thin femme guy though. I will now watch the same hetero tied handjob videos when I masturbate and occasionally I will add in a video of a twink milking a guy.

Just wanted to distribute my experience with everyone here! 😁

NSFW: yes

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