I still masturbate thinking about blowing my ex

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I’m currently single and lately I’ve been crazy horny. I’ve got a pretty decent imagination (which is probably why I also write erotic fiction), so instead of watching porn I usually just masturbate to previous sexual experiences or fantasize new ones. I love giving oral and one of my favorite go-to memories is the first time I (35F) hooked up with my ex (34M). We lived and worked together in a staff shared living scenario, and the first night we hooked up we decided to “watch a movie” together in his bunk, as his roommate was gone for the evening. No one knew we were starting something so I had to sneak into his room and I wasn’t really sure how far things were gonna go. Anyway, we started making out and it wasn’t long before things between us were getting pretty hot and heavy. Eventually, I was wearing nothing but a lace thong and he was down to his briefs. He was crazy hard and I was getting super turned on, so I got between his legs and pulled down his underwear. My ex happens to have the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen then and since….it’s somewhere around 7-8inches and the perfect shape. I was instantly wet at the sight of it and I couldn’t wait to suck on it. He was a little bit shyer than I am in the bedroom, especially since that was the first time we’d hooked up and at first he was pretty quiet, just watching me. Since I really liked him, I was determined to prove I could give him the best he’d ever had. I know I’m really good at giving head, but everyone’s different, so at first I wasn’t sure how into it he was. However, it quickly became apparent that the answer to that question was… he was very into it. I was using my hand as well to stroke him while I sucked and after thirty seconds or so he started to breathe harder and then I heard him moan. I swear I was instantly dripping at the sound. I could feel it slide down my thighs and I was sort of embarrassed, but then he shoved a pillow over his face, I think to muffle the sounds he was making. I wish he hadn’t, because it was so fucking sexy, but either way, i kept going. Soon he was wiggling around on the bed beneath me, squeezing my body between his legs. I could tell he was losing control, his hands were clenching the pillow or the sheets and eventually he took it off his face and started begging me to keep going and asking me not to stop. I obviously kept going until he came in my mouth and all over my hand (i swallowed, but there was a lot).
Remembering how turned on he was and how desperate he was to finish still turns me on so much, and I get myself off thinking about it at all times.

NSFW: yes