I still get wet Pt.2


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Part 2 of my (23F) masochistic/CNC time with an old guy (53M).

On the second meet, we met up in a mall for tea and he brought me to his hotel room shortly afterwards. When we were in the elevator, he groped my ass a few times. I got more and more excited and asked him what was he gonna do to me. He told me to not worry about it. I did not know what was about to come and followed his every command.

When we reached the front of the door, he stopped me and told me to wait there. He opened the door and commanded me to strip. I took my dress and underwear off and handed it to him. I felt the cold air standing in the hallway all over my body as i get anxious about getting caught. I begged him to let me in but he just fondled my ass and breast, watching me being nervous and listening to my pleads.

He then pulled me into the room and locked the door. He took out some ropes and tied my hands to the back, pushed me down on my knees and started throat fucking me. I puked out the tea from before but he kept going.

When he was done using my throat. He placed my body on the bed with my ass up and face down. He shoved his cock in my cunt and fucked me. I screamed but struggled to move away as i could not use my hands.

He then stopped fucking me and took the belt out of his pants. He spanked my ass repeatedly until it was bright red. I did not expect that at all. I screamed even louder with each hit and begged him to stop. I squirmed around but felt myself getting wetter and wetter. He did this for a good ten minutes and let me rest. He asked what did i want and i said “Please fuck my cunt”. He ignored my request, pointed his dick at my ass and started using my hole. The pain from the spanking combined with an ass rape was next level.

At one point he stopped, took out a nine inch dildo and placed it next to me. He started fucking my cunt and shoved the whole dildo up my ass. The pain was too much and i felt like i was losing my mind. I screamed and screamed as he fucked both of my holes. He called me a bitch and a whore as i cum from the abuse and degradation.

I dropped to the floor and could not move with my hands still tied up, weak from the abuse. He went to clean himself up while i laid on the floor. When he walked out of the bathroom, i looked at him and smiled. He leaned down on me and asked me what i wanted next. I told him “please punch my breast”. He pulled me up from the floor and pushed me against the wall, took my breast in one hand and punched it hard with another. The pain i felt was too much to handle and i did not ask for a second time.

He untied my hands and i went to the bathroom. I saw my ass covered in purple streaks and a single bruised breast when i looked in the mirror.

I was such a happy masochist 🙂

NSFW: yes

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