I squirted inside my old friend’s mouth while he was going down on me – Short Sex Story

Last year, I (20f) had a friend (21m) with whom I hooked up .
Before I dive into the story I want to point out that we had been friends for a total of 5 years and it was the very first and last time we’ve ever hooked up .

It all started on a random Saturday night when we decided to go to a party.
Because we both have had a few too many drinks, we were too tipsy to think straight and our phones had no battery left to be able to call an Uber . So he decided to invite me to his place to make sure I am safe and don’t end up in trouble on my way home .
When we got to his place, from a good night kiss on the forehead, things started to slowly evolve into more . We were making out and we were both too tipsy to be able to stop . He then proceeded to take off my dress and started to suck on my nipples. Even though it felt amazing, a part of me was still a bit unsure if making out with my friend was a good idea … When he slowly started going down on me and sucking and licking on my pussy, I was shocked by how well he knew how to please a woman . His tongue movements got faster and faster and faster until I let out a long moan and came . But he didn’t stop there, he kept going with the same speed and after a minute I found myself squirting all over his face .
His face was fully covered in my squirt and I felt so embarrassed. After a long 1 min of silence he shockingly looked at me and asked : “where did you learn how to squirt?! “ I told him I knew how to squirt because I am a camgirl and I’m doing OF , so sometimes I film this type of content but I can usually control it . Well, this time I definitely couldn’t control it as he ate me out so well ! He said he loved it but I was still in shock after squirting inside my friend’s mouth by accident .

Yes we ended up fucking and yes it was really good but to this day I am still embarrassed of what happened that night .

NSFW: yes

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