I random guy at a party jacked off to me while he wondered I was sleeping

My best friend Robin had her birthday party/housewarming and my plan was to sleep on her pullout couch. After a lot of drinking there was a few other people who ended up staying to avoid having to get a cab home. One of them was her coworker Dan who was a bit quite most of the night. He was one of those guys that you can tell hadn’t been around women very much and he was very awkward. He also didn’t seem to be very good at handling his alchohol and ended up being the only guy to be staying the night. When everything was winding down I set up my bed on her couch and turned out the lights. I could hear everyone in the other room discussing where they would sleep and sort of felt lucky to be prepared. They were loud so I was having trouble getting to sleep, it didn’t help that it was a hot day and she had the air conditioning on high. When I had my blanket on I was sweating, but when I took it off I’d be freezing. After finally deciding on having a blanket on my legs only I heard someone walk into the room. I opened my eyes just a bit to see Robin leading Dan in and telling him he could sleep in a reclining chair. I felt bad for him but I could also tell that Robin wondered it was funny how drunk he was. He leaned back in the recliner and Robin left him with a big glass of water.

I closed my eyes and tried to get to sleep but kept on hearing Dan moving around in his chair. I opened my eyes a crack again and watched Dan get out of the chair and walk past me to the bathroom. The whole way he was looking at my chest. I was wearing a tank top without a bra and because of the AC my nipples were pretty hard. I didn’t mind him taking a look, it was probably the most he’d seen in years. While he was in the bathroom I decided to pull my shirt down a bit and pay on my side to press my tits together. I don’t have much to show off but I wondered it would be fun to see his reaction to my cleavage when he got out. With my eyes slightly open I watched as he walked past again but this time he stopped to look. He just stared at my tits thinking I was asleep and after a bit grabbed his dick though his pants and rubbed it. After making his dick hard he went back to the chair and laid back with his blanket on.

I closed my eyes and started to drift off when I hear a squeaking sound from his side of the room. I moved a bit to get a better view of what it could be and suddenly it stopped. I opened my eyes slightly again still pretending to sleep and saw him watching me still awake. After I was still a bit longer he started jacking off under the blanket and the squeaking started again. I couldn’t believe that he was actually jacking off right there while watching me. I started messing with him by moving around and watching him stop quickly in a panic. I pulled off my blanket pretending to be too hot so he could see that all I was wearing underneath was panties. Again after I was still for a bit he started masterbating again. Every once in a while I’d reposition myself into a sexy pose, either with my ass sticking out or my legs spread. Each time he’d stop and then begin again after I was still for a while. I started to feel bad about teasing him so much so I decided I’d give him something to get off to. I sat up, and he immediately pretended to be asleep. I acted like I was half asleep having no idea he was in the room and took my tank top off. I laid back down topless with only my panties on and pretended to be asleep.

It was probably a full 10 minutes before he stopped acting like he was sleeping and got up. He walked over close to me and just stared at my tits, then my face, he was trying to make sure I was asleep. After standing there for almost a full minute he pulled his dick out. He started jerking off and was hard fast. I watched him as he jacked off as fast as he could while staring at my body the whole time. Watching his face as he masterbated furiously was a bit gross but it was also a bit of a turn on knowing that he was using me to get off to. It didn’t take too long before he came on the floor. He quickly put his dick away and wiped it up off the floor with his sock. He went straight back to the chair and laid down without getting up again. After he started snoring I put my tank top back on and went to sleep. In the morning I woke up with my shirt pulled up and he was gone. I figure he must have gotten up early and jacked off again to my tits. I was sort of surprised he had the nerve to pull my shirt up though. It also made me think that if he was able to do that without me noticing, what else could he have done.

NSFW: yes

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