i railed a girl i talked on discord

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I (M22) had been talking to this girl (21) in discord for quite some time. We linked up via an among us group chat because that game was so famous during the early days. At first, we were very decent in talking. Talking then led to us flirting with each other on and off and then to sexting. We both were very wild during sexting, I used to just cum so hard by sexting with her and so did she.

She then suggested we masturbate during a video call, which I agreed. Seeing her for the first time, she was thicc, juicy ass and tits and such a pretty face. Literally an hourglass. We both masturbated pretty much every day on videocall because we were in different cities, so it wasn’t easy for us to meet ughh.

Luckily, I happen to go to her city for some days due to a family event there. I told her about it and the only thing she said was ‘you better fucking meet me ;)’. Bruh that turned me on instantly. I made the arrangements at her place since I couldn’t. And voila, we met at her place. We both were happy to see each other for the first time. Sitting together, I brought the topic of us sexting. She put her hand on my thigh and said, ‘why do you think i called you today hmm?’. I replied with ‘I know why exactly’ and give her a wink. She literally pulled me towards her, and we started making out in bed. The kissing was so intense, tongues going everywhere and my body grinding onto hers. We were wild from the begin.

I squeezed her juicy tits as I was making out with her and literally ripped off her shirt. She had no bra on, so I just went beast mode into sucking those tits. She continuously moaned and then threw me to bed and got on top of me. Pulled my pants down and sucked my hard af cock. she wanted it so bad that she literally gagged on my cock. I pulled down her pants and made her come sit on my face as she sucks off my cock. 69 continued for some time and then she got off and literally lifted my legs up a bit and started to rim me off. BRUHH the feeling of that was unmatched and she was giving me a hand job at the same time. i felt my soul left my body.

‘My turn now’ I said and threw her to bed, spread her legs and licked her pussy so wildly. I started to finger her at the same time and minutes later, made her cum. She screamed ‘put this cock in me’. And so, I did, started off with missionary, I pounded that pussy so hard. The moaning sounds were coming from both of us, and it was intensifying. I pounded her so hard my balls were clapping with her clit; her tits were bouncing up and down. She begged me to not stop, and I fucked her so hard that her legs started to shake. I didn’t stop then too, I lifted her up and started fucking her in the usual stand and carry position. Made her feel my big hard cock all the way in. Her eyes rolled, we shared intimate kisses and none of us wanted to stop.

After that, I threw her to the bed, bend her over and fucked her from behind. Her juicy ass was so fucking good to fuck. I slapped it till it turned red af. She asked me to grab my hair and fuck the shit out of me. That moment was the hottest. I did what she asked and her screams were so loud, if you were in the other room, you would’ve heard em. My cock was clapping with her asscheeks so loud. I told her I’m about to cum and she said you better fucking cum in me. Just before cumming, my thrusting speed was so fast that she literally lost it and squirted as I’m about to cum. That made me get into her more and I did release my enormous load in her pussy.

We both were out of breath. Laid together. shared a few kisses. best sex of our lives. she asked me to come again anytime and I said definitely. Left her place with some more kisses and texted her thankyou. she said that now she’ll come to my city soon. Let’s hope that happens.

Sorry for the long read, I tried to be as concise I could. So much detail is still left but I hope you guys enjoy this.

NSFW: yes

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