I played with my husband’s dick in front of his boss during a company meeting (F47)


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My husband had a company dinner in a restaurant and he took me with him. I discover this sort of event really boring so I decided to spice things up.

So we were sitting next to each other at the end of the table (so no one was next to us) and we were facing all of his coworkers and even his boss. After the first dish I slipped my hand under the table and slowly unzipped his pants. He was embarrassed at first but he let me play with him. I started masturbating his dick. I kept going during almost all the dinner and sometimes I would even massage his balls.

I enjoyed so much seeing him trying to contain his moan and pleasure. When we got home he was at the same time angry and horny so he fucked me super hard as a punishment haha.

NSFW: yes

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