I picked up a guy at the bar last night and fucked him in front of my man [25F]

I seem to be on a roll this week and I’m loving every minute of it. Last night I was out at the bar downtown with some friends when I saw a guy with short brown hair and brown eyes, he was taller than me – probably about 6’2”. I went over and talked to him and he introduced himself as Brad. I playfully touched his arm and felt the bulge of his bicep – he was in pretty good shape. A couple drinks were bought for me and I was on the hook, dancing and making out with him until I told him I needed him to come home with me.

I decided to not warn my husband that I was bringing someone home so I walked into the house followed by Brad. Much to my husband’s surprise I dropped to my knees immediately at the door before I said anything to him. I unbuckled Brad’s pants, pulled out a gorgeous uncircumcised cock and began blowing him. I licked up and down his shaft and circled the tip with my tongue before taking his cock fully in my mouth. After a few minutes Brad led me to the couch, laid me down, flipped my skirt up and pulled my lacy black thong to the side and began to kiss up and down my thighs before settling on my clit with his tongue as he finger fucked me until I came on his tongue.

Brad put my legs on his shoulders and easily slid his cock into my sopping wet pussy while my husband watched and jerked off next to us. My husband was moving closer to me as he got closer to his orgasm. As I could tell he was about to cum I reached over and jerked his load all over my face – coating my lips and cheeks mostly but with dribbles of cum running into my hair. Brad then flipped me over and started pounding me from behind as he spanked me before he pulled out and moved to add his load to my face. Brad had another large load and coated the remainder of my face in cum, which I loved.

I needed Brad inside me again so I got down on my knees between his legs and blew him until he was hard again. I climbed on his lap, reach down and pushed his cock into my pussy. I leaned down to kiss Brad which he refused as my face was still covered in cum – oh well, his loss. I leaned back and rode. Quickly picking up the pace until I was slamming my pussy down on his cock until I let out a scream as I came. My orgasm cause my pussy to clench on Brad’s cock and he came at the same time, this time inside me.

At that point Brad got dressed and let himself out without even leaving his number.

NSFW: yes

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