I Orgasmed in the Shower last night


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I had been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately, and i knew that i needed to discover some way to relax and unwind. so, last night after a long day at work, i decided to take a hot shower. i had all the time found the sound of the water and the warm steam to be soothing, and i was hoping that it would help me clear my mind and calm my nerves.

as i stepped into the shower, i couldn’t help but feel a growing sense of arousal. i had been thinking about exploring the pleasures of my body all day, and the shower seemed like the perfect place to experiment. i had all the time been a bit nervous about trying to pleasure myself, but i was determined to explore my own body and find what felt good.

i lathered up with soap and began to touch myself, exploring what i knew to feel good and discovering what else felt good. i closed my eyes and let my mind wander as i ran my hands over my breasts and down my stomach. i could feel my heart racing and my breath becoming shallow as i moved lower, tracing my fingers over my sensitive skin.

i let out a small moan as i found the spot that made me feel the most pleasure. i began to rub it in slow circles, building up the tension and anticipation inside me. i could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, and i couldn’t help but let out a series of soft sigh as i worked my way towards the ultimate release.

finally, i reached the point of no return. i let out a long, deep sigh as the orgasm swept over me, leaving me trembling and breathless. the waves of pleasure seemed to go on and on, each one more intense than the last. when it was over, i was left panting and drained, but with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that i had never experienced before. as i stepped out of the shower, a little disappointed that my experience was coming to an end, a new sense of excitement came over me as i realised that i still get to distribute my slutty experience on reddit.

NSFW: yes


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