I only fuck guys for connections. 19f

During my first semester in school I was told that in the future it would be who I know, not what I know. I learned the importance of having connections and networking with others very early and as a result began sleeping with older men to potentially get my foot in the door after graduation.

At first I didn’t really narrow it down. Just did my best to only engage with guys with essential titles and high salaries. But soon I began narrowing it down to guys who had graduated with in a degree similar to what I will been receiving and were working in fields I wanted to be in or had positions I wanted.

My current arrangement, a senior brand strategist for a journalism business, has already given me the opportunity of a internship. A lovely offer since my school requires me to have a internship to graduate, however the arrangements of my hiring and position will be kept secret.

Just glad I learned the importance of making connections early on.

NSFW: yes

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