I now (33) and my bf in school had a wild library encounter!

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NSFW: yes

We were a young in love couple in school and were studying in our college library one night. He kept messing with me trying to grab my tits. I told him that if he didn’t stop, I was gonna make him fuck me right there in the library (he was not the type to do stuff like that). He kept messing with me so I grabbed him by the arm and took him to the back closet where they kept supplies. I MADE him fuck me right there in the closet. It was a small closet so my head would occasionally bang against the door. A few minutes later the door swings open real fast and I see a classmate staring at me while I’m bent over doggystyle. My bf then yells “close the damn door, I’m about to cum”. So she did and we finished. He was mortified for years. I wondered it was pretty damn hot. Tell me what you think.

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