I need your comment if my wife did it or not


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I’m fine with everything that I’m going to explain next, it’s something we agreed on, I just want your opinions!

My wife (21f) know that I’m a cuck for over a year now. We had a friend (24m) coming down from Virginia for the weekend.
He came to see another friend of ours.

But here is the thing, out of nowhere, last night around 7, she texted me « he’s home with me! ». A bit confused I ask how come? And she said because he was bored at his hotel. I then continued texted her but haven’t had an answer for hours.

Later on that night they went out and I came home from work around 11. Turn out they had diner together, there was clothes (hers) everywhere in the apartment, and he showered here.
No big deal, but since he stays at a hotel, why wouldn’t he shower there?
Plus we never close the bathroom door, cause our bathroom don’t have any ventilation.

So I’m worried about two thing (in a horny way). He’s known for having a big dick, we joked multiple time around that subject, and I was playfully texting her that they would fuck, but now it could have actually happen…

What do you guys think? Feel free to ask questions.

(I have convo screenshot if interested)

NSFW: yes


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