I need prompts

I am thinking about starting to write erotic literature and eventually hoping for commissioned work. As part of this, I would like to create a portfolio of works that potential clients can look through. For this, I need prompts. If I plan to someday right works of erotic fiction from prompts that were given to me by paying customers, I need to get used to being given prompts by people outside myself to write erotic literature in accordance with. I was hoping that you kind folks could help give me some prompts that I could write about to improve my skills, get me practice, and create my portfolio. And you also get free erotic literature that is written hopefully to your taste out of it, although it may not be very good.

NSFW: yes

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  1. Rohanriding

    I’m starving for stories with women that are 30+ in age. I’d like to read either a newly divorced or even widowed storyline.

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