i masturbated for over an hour today


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i masturbated earlier today for so long and it was earth shattering. it started out with fucking myself with a vibrator/small dildo. at times i was lazily playing with my self because it felt truly amazing. i eventually moved to my floor and that’s where i lost my mind. i was fucking myself so hard, just absolutely perfect, and made myself squirt, i think? i’ve never squirted before. i’m not sure what hole the squirt comes out but i’m pretty sure this was coming out of my vagina so? it felt so fucking good and i was so into it, playing with my titties and fingering my ass. this is the horniest and most intense masturbation session i’ve ever had. i even used my other smaller dildo in my ass for the first time ever which really surprised me! i’m not really a get-f’d-in-the-ass kinda girl. but god, i could’ve done that for hours. i “squirted” or whatever it was, at least 5 times. i moved onto a big, thick dildo and that was heaven in my pussy. the feeling of being stuffed in both holes did something to me i didn’t know i had in me tbh. i eventually had to wrap it up and came 3 times in a row. i can not stop thinking about it and have been wet ever since, even after taking a shower (came one more time in the shower too). sorry if this is too in depth for this sub, i just had to distribute my experience somewhere!

NSFW: yes

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