I [M]ade my submissive [F]riend cum during a work call

Recently, after getting back home from my work week and having all the pent up sexual energy that entails, my submissive friend (we’ll call her V) and I planned a mutual release on Sunday (it’s a long-distance thing at present). The couple of days prior, I had told V that she was not allowed to cum until Sunday when I got home, and that there would be consequences if she did. I spent those two days revving her up, describing scenarios and methods I would provide her with pleasure, and gave her instruction on touching herself. She explained to me how good it felt and how hard it was not to cum, but that she promised she was being good and doing as she was told.

Sunday comes around, I get home, and we are having a chat. It’s getting steamy and we are both getting worked up. V tells me she has been getting so wet from touching herself while working. She cannot stop touching herself and she wants to cum so badly. I had not wondered about it before that moment, but then it came to me:

“Are you on a work call right now?” I texted her. V replied moments later with a ‘yes’…

“I want you to make yourself cum right now, on the call. If you can do it quietly without making them aware, I will reward you.” I responded to her. No response for a minute, but then… an audio recording. It was her on the phone with a client, touching herself. I could hear the sound of her wetness, as she had placed her phone nearby (the work call was through her computer). As I listened to her playing with herself while on the call, I could hear the pleasure in her voice, occasionally breaking up a word as she spoke to the client on the other end of the line, but not enough to be noticeable to someone who had no idea what she was doing. It was a short audio clip, barely more than a minute long: the anticipation of the past 2 days bubbled over into a quiet, intense orgasm. The sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy drove me wild, as did the sound of her sticking them in her mouth and tasting herself. As her reward, she got a photo of how hard she had made me, and a video of the large and explosive load that her obedience and sexiness had elicited from me.

Now I am contemplating more and more tasks and challenges for the little bunny in the coming weeks. Should be quite interesting and enjoyable for both parties.

NSFW: yes

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