I made him cum twice by the bus station [25F]

Pretty much ever since I turned 18, I’ve been trying to discover people to have a little fun with. This happened a while ago, but I still think of it always. It was one of my first experiences, and definitely one of the most fun. I don’t remember quite how we met, but one of us started talking to the other, and we quickly hit it off. We both sent pics, and he was built like a statue. He was clearly defined, pretty hair, and seemed like a total sweetheart. The way he talked, he was sweet and genuine. We talked for a while, and ultimately agreed to meet up in person at the riskiest place I ever had. The local mall parking lot.

We actually met up inside the mall, I remember I got there first. I was sitting in one of those massage chairs you see scattered around. At that point, I hadn’t met up with a ton of people yet, and that nervousness was there. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that feeling to y’all, most of you probably know it better than I do. That nervous/exciting feeling of anticipation. I couldn’t wait to meet this guy. I wasn’t wearing anything too slutty, since I wasn’t trying to seduce anyone, just a sweater and tight jeans. Since I’m pre-hormones, I was then and still am now, my options are kinda limited anyway 🙁

Then I finally saw him, walking over to me from the other side of the hall. I remember when we both saw each other. He walked over to me, I was eyeing him the whole time. He had a really cute face, and I was really excited. We talked for a moment, then started walking toward the exit together. I haven’t done the Mall Challenge yet, but I imagine this is what it feels like, walking with someone who you know is gonna fill your mouth with cum, walking past all these people who have no idea, it was exhilarating. I could tell he was nervous, so I started talking to him, trying to ease his mind. I think it worked, by the time we left the building, he seemed much more relaxed, we were talking and laughing about his hobbies. We were walking through the dark parking lot together, it was nighttime, and I remember he reached out and grabbed my ass at some point. That was a wonderful feeling, no one had done that to me before outside of actual sexual encounters, least of all in public. Then we rounded a corner, and I see his car. It looked pretty big, and had a large backseat area. But that wasn’t what I noticed at first. He had put us inches, literal spitting distance, from the bus station. Right where everyone, if they just looked up from their phones, could see us. Where anyone on the bus could see us if the light came in right. I looked at him, and I could tell from the grin on his face that he had done it on purpose. He wanted us to be seen.

Something about the fact that we got into his car via the trunk was, and is, super hot to me. I had to crawl in on all fours, giving him exactly the view he wanted. He settled in next to me, and for a moment, we just made out. While we were doing that, I began to unzip his jeans, and it was just as good as the pics. He had told me earlier that he hadn’t cum for days, waiting for this moment. It was obvious he was sensitive, even twitching as I eased my mouth over his shaft. It was probably six inches long, and just the perfect girth. I could fit it all the way down my throat, and I made sure he knew it. He put his hand on the back of my head, he wanted to be in control. That was fine by me, absolutely. I let him guide me up and down, doing whatever he wanted with my throat. I remember spitting on his cock, stroking him, and watching his eyes twitch. He really couldn’t contain himself, and I could feel his grip getting tighter. I knew what was coming, and quickly pushed him on his back, and put his cock as far back into my throat as I could. It was so far back, I couldn’t even taste any of his cum, it just went right down my throat. It was a lot, more than I’d had before, and it probably took one or two swallows. Then, I did something that started a little thing for me. Every time I make someone cum with my mouth, I’ll lean up and kiss them on the cheek. It feels really naughty, even if it’s just a kiss.

We’re just lying there after that, I lean on him, but I already know we’re not done. Neither of us have been waiting this long for just a short blowjob, we both knew it. Suddenly, I’m laying on his shoulder, his shirt is off, and he orders me to strip down. Not a request, mind you, but an order. It really turned me on, and even if it was kinda difficult in the car, I still did it. Suddenly, as if on cue, as soon as I’m taking off my underwear, a hugely bright light streams into the car. One of the buses turned and pointed right at us!!! There’s no chance they didn’t see us, and I remember feeling so so so slutty in that moment. They could see everything, and there was nothing I could do about it. It’s a wonderful feeling. The light passed quickly, but he wasn’t done. He pulled me over, and that’s when he spanked me, hard. I’d been spanked before, but never like this. Once, twice, three times, four. I don’t even remember how many it was, but I do know that my ass was red and sore after. Then, I felt him push something into me, and I gasped out loud. At first I wondered it was his cock, neither of us had brought condoms (a massive oversight) so we’d agreed not to have sex, but I wondered maybe he couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t even want to withstand, it felt so good. I realized a moment or two later that it wasn’t his cock, but four of his fingers. He was pushing them in and out, and pulling my hair back. It felt so good, I was moaning like a whore and I couldn’t be happier. Then, as suddenly as he’d started, he pulled out his hand and grabbed my waist, pulling me back to him. He didn’t put it in, but he started teasing me with his cock, rubbing it against my ass. I could feel it, and I wanted so badly just to push back against it and have him use me. But, for some reason, I was able to keep a clear head. And give him head. More of it. It didn’t take long for me to end up with his cock back in my mouth, sucking it for all I was worth. He was thrusting into my mouth, and I could hear him taunting me, mocking me, but at the same time being so nice. He kept brushing the hair out of my face, even as he bunched it up to grab. It didn’t take him long to cum again, but this time I wasn’t gonna let it down my throat, I had an idea. He was on his back, and I was jacking him off. When it was obvious he was gonna cum a second time, I leaned down and watched as he came all over his stomach. At this point we’re both tired, we’re both breathing heavy, and it’s obvious after this we’re both done. But to finish it off, I lean down and lick the cum off of his body, hold my mouth open, and let him watch as I swallow it all. It was, according to him, his favorite part of the night.

After that, we both climbed out of his trunk again, me with some difficulty since my ass was still bright red. At least four or five people at the bus station definitely saw us, and I cannot help wondering what they were thinking. Maybe some of then had seen what had happened. Part of me wishes they did. After that, he walked me back to the entrance of the mall, I had come by Uber, and waited with me until it arrived. We texted a bit after we both got home, each of us really happy about how the night had went. We tried to meet again, but we could never make it happen, very sad 🙁 But it was a wonderful night, and definitely the night I realized I loved being a slut! I couldn’t wait to get back out there. I cannot wait to post more of my stories, and hopefully make a few more too!

NSFW: yes

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