I m45 fucked my f25 sister-in-law

I am 35 and married for 3 years. I have all the time liked my sister-in-law’s body. Tall and thin, small perky titts and small round ass. But since our last X-mass together I fantasized more and more. Until this summer when we arranged a vacation together. Me and my wife, she and her boyfriend. We reserved a 3 bedroom apartment, about 10mins walk from the beach.

First day we settled in and were getting ready to go out for drinks, when I accidentally saw her dressing. I got a hard on right there and knew these were gonna be a difficult couple of days for me. The whole night drinking I kept seeing her underwear everytime she moved cause of the short dress and I was turned on af. My wife got lucky that night. Next morning she walked in on me as I was putting on my swimsuit on the spare bedroom. She flushed and I smiled. She apologized but I just smiled again and winked at her since I caught her looking at my cock surprised, she flushed and run out. When we all were ready to go down to the beach I noticed she had changed her swimsuit and was now wearing a more revealing one. I could not take my eyes of her while she was applying sunscreen. She asked her bf to apply on her back and butt and she caught me looking as he massaged her little ass. She could tell I envied him. We decided to go for a swim and the whole time playing games and teasing in the sea I took every chance to touch her and feel her with no complains. We had a couple cocktails and headed back to rest. I could not sleep and went to shower and she walked in on me again . I had the towel on me already and joked telling her ” You don’t have to sneak up on me, just ask” she laughed and got in asking me to get out so she could use the shower, while taking off her top and barely covering her titts with her hand.

It was getting harder and harder to contain myself as I started “accidentally” walking in on her as well. This went on for the first 2-3 days getting even more intense.
Then one night after a long day on the beach and a few to many drinks on the balcony, my wife was the first to go to sleep. Drunk and spent. Her bf was next as I made sure he had more drinks than anyone. I was not too drunk, just enough to act stupid. She is not much of a drinker, but is a night owl, like me so we stayed there talking and joking. At one moment she got up to use the toilet but her feet failed her and landed on my lap. I was already hard looking at her tall legs and perky titts under her see-through shirt. She felt my cock hard as rock and looked me in the eyes frozen there for a minute too long. “You’re not helping” I finally said. She tried to get up but fell again in my arms and her shirt was all over the place, i got a feel of her titts while helping her to stand. She still looked in my eyes confused and left I wondered that was it but she did came back. Poured some more wine for both of us and chatted if as nothing happened. I got up and stood infront of her leaning on the balcony, she had my dick infront of her face and couldn’t help but look.
She got up and stood next to me, took a deep breath of the night air and smell of sea and reached for the bottle again, grinding her butt on my dick. I could not take it any more, I moved just enough to make her trip and faked a fall along with her. Made sure she landed on me. We both laughed and the just stood the looking at eachother’s eyes. She definitely could feel my dick throbbing underneath her. I slapped her ass playfully and told her she was drunk. “Maybe just enough she said” . I grabbed her and kisses her, she kissed me back but then pushed me back. “No no, totally wrong” she said.
“Yes but totally hot” I responded as I kissed her again and caressed her nipples who were now hard.

I got up, picked her up in my arms, her legs around my waist and made our way to the spare bedroom downstairs. Both our partners were drunk and spent, and a floor above. We entered the room kissing and I pushed her on the wall and kneeled to go down on her. Her shorts came down quickly and I smirked when I saw no panties. “Oh shut up” she said and pushed my face on her pussy. I started eating her out like a man who’s been in the desert for a month. And she delivered, the sweetest drink on earth. She tasted so good I wouldn’t stop if she didn’t pull me up telling me “enough teasing, give me that cock” I turned her around and pushed her on the wall again sliding my dick in her wet pussy. She was so soft and warm and tight I almost came right there. But I kept going, fucked her rough and had to cover her mouth. After some strokes I grabbed her and threw her on the floor, pulled her ass up and started eating it like possessed. I had fantasized about eating her for so long and I couldn’t get enough. I fucked her Doggystyle for a while then was her time to ride. But she first wanted to taste my cock too. I could tell she was no expert in blowjobs, but I appreciate the effort and I helped her take it all in. Then she climbed on my cock and started ridding mesmerized, covering her own mouth. I loved the look of her pale skin tanned from the sun and all red from the sex. She rode for some while and came twice on my cock. When was time for me to cum she kneeled and jerked me off untill I exploded on her small titties covering them with cum.

She stood there, on her knees infront of me, all embarrassed as I smiled and gave her a kiss. She ran to the shower and I went outside for a smoke. After a long time quitting, tonight I needed one.

NSFW: yes

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