I M37 fucked my exgfs coworker (f33)

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So a few months back I decided to break things off with my gf. The constant fighting over trust issues got to be too much. I do ride distribute on my free time, so after telling my gf I was done I got in my car and went online. It was a shitty night and I honestly wasn’t in the mood to be driving and dealing with people but decided to go through with it. At first I was so annoyed and in my own world thinking about everything that I was canceling requests left and right, then a request came in from somebody with a very unique name, so I said “fuck it, let’s see how this ride goes”, I head to the pick up location and see my passenger waving at me, she’s tall, wearing some tight pants and a shirt that shows how gigantic her tits are. She was very good looking. So I stop, roll my window down, and ask her if I’m her driver. She shows me her phone which shows me as her assigned driver and I let her in. Once she’s in the car she starts talking to me, asking me if I live in the area, how long I’ve been driving for, if I enjoy it, the usual questions everybody asks. So I answer all her questions and keep the conversation going by asking her about her. She starts telling me about where she works, how long she’s been doing it, etc. suddenly the conversation changes from typical chat to asking me if I’ve ever hooked up with passengers, asking if I’m single and she starts telling me that she’s been single for a while because her ex cheated on her and that she misses certain things, that she has needs that have to be met. I’m nervous because of the way the conversation went and because I want to tell her so badly that I can help her with her needs but I’m a shy person and back out. We get to her destination and she tells me that I seem like a nice person and that she’s like to know me better and asks if I’m not going to give her my number. I give it to her and as soon as I drive off I get a text from a number I don’t recognize, I open it up and it’s a message from her saying that it was nice to meet me and that she’s like it if I came back after I was done driving so we can talk. I go offline and pull over to continue the conversation. She starts asking me if I have social media so she can see me better and I give her my information and right away she adds me. I then get a text asking about one of my usernames and asking if it’s because I love to eat pussy so trying to be nice I tell some bullshit story about it, and she replies disappointed saying she was hoping it was because she could use some tongue at the moment. Shocked and in disbelief I tell her she needs to stop playing with me because if she wants some tongue I can give it to her. She sends me a pic of her smooth shaved pussy and tells me that she doesn’t believe the story about my username and that I should go over so she can prove I’m lying. So I head back over to her place and she invites me inside. I don’t wanna seem like a desperate person so I sit down and we begin talking about her job and why we’re single. She tells me the name of the place she works at and to my surprise it’s the same place my ex works at. I then ask her if she knows my ex and she shows me a pic of both of them together. I’m stunned and don’t know how to react, she can see the surprised look on my face and tells me that I shouldn’t worry that she’s not the type to kiss and and tell. t this point I really don’t know what to do. I tell her I have to go check on my car and she tells me not to worry that my car is safe and that she didn’t tell me to go over for nothing. That one way or another she was getting her pussy eaten. I obviously wasn’t getting out of it, so I said fuck it. I begin kissing her and slowly undressing her while she grabs on my dick, telling me she wants it in her mouth NOW. I pull my joggers down and she drops to her knees and starts sucking slowly, grabbing my balls while she does it. Her warm mouth and the way she’s sucking get me harder by the minute. I want her to stop because I feel like cumming and slowly push her back but she tells me to not worry and just shoot my load in her mouth. As horny as I was I didn’t oppose and without warning I cum. She feels my dick throbbing and continues sucking until she makes sure she got every drip of cum. She then proceeds to get on the bed and spread her legs exposing her gorgeous pink pussy which is soaking wet and tells me it’s my turn to return the favor. So I do what she asks, I tell her to move up on the bed and just lay back and enjoy. I bend her legs and place them on both sides of my head and start to lick slowly feeling how soft her lips are, tasting her juicy pussy, feeling her tremble and hearing her let out a soft moan. I tell her to pinch her nipples while I eat her pussy so the experience Is better and she obeys. As I continue to lick up and down her lips I feel her getting wetter and feel the sheets begin to get soaked, I then put 2 fingers inside her slowly thrusting as I continue to lick her pussy and suck on her clit feeling her push me away as she gets close to cumming. She tells me she’s a squirter and that I should stop before she soaks me. I personally love women that squirt so I keep licking and sucking her clot while thrusting my finger slowly and then faster as I feel her tighten up before cumming. She starts shaking uncontrollably and I feel her cumming followed by her squirting, a little bit at first but as I continue slowly licking and sucking while I pin her down with my arms around her thighs she can’t hold it and just soaks me up, my face , my chest and the whole bed. As she lays there exhausted and out of breath I tell her to get on her knees and thrust my hard dick inside her feeling her tightness around my dick. I thrust slowly at first then begin picking up the pace and the thrusts get harder and faster. She then matches my thrusts by rocking back and forth against me, the sound of her ass smacking against me as I fuck her only turns me on more and I grab her by the hair and thrust harder and faster as I feel myself ready to cum, she lets out a loud moan as she Cums and I can’t help but get more turned on. I spank her and tell her I’m aBout to cum and she tells me to just cum inside her. I do as she asks and then we just fall on the bed exhausted. As I lay there covered in sweat and her cum she turn to face me, kisses me and asks how long before round 2. I smile and tell her I’m ready whenever she is. As we lay there she tells me my ex was stupid for letting me go. It’s been 3 months and we still see each other. There’s so many great times we have had. Dm if you’d like to know any of our other experiences

NSFW: yes