I [M30] visited a friend [F25] and we each played with ourselves watching the other shower – Short Sex Story

A good friend of mine, let’s call her G, moved to a different state a few years ago. We had a brief fling in school, but it never went further than making out and a few instances of reciprocal oral. Nonetheless, there was at all times sexual tension between the two of us. Even after I got married, we couldn’t help but flirt with one another and the sexual tension was at all times present whenever we hung out.

Before she moved, we had dinner and she, in no uncertain terms, made it clear that I was to visit once she was settled into her new place and that it would be a trip I’d never regret taking. She settled in about six or seven months after that dinner, but I didn’t have an opportunity to visit until a perfectly timed guy’s trip landed us in her city.

I let G know when we’d be in her city and she met us out one night. Most of the guys called it an early night, but me, a buddy, and G stayed out and met her friends. After a few hours, and several strong tequilas, I ended up back at G’s place with some of her friends where we satisfied our munchies with some late night snacks and fried food before her friends cleared out; leaving just the two of us.

She goes to her room and I started making a little bed on the couch when she asked, “do you want to take a shower before bed? I’m going to hop in now quickly then go to bed.” I heard the shower curtain close and in jest said, “any chance I can watch since your tv isn’t working?” To my surprise, she responded with, “I shower quick, so if you’re going to watch, then you’d best not waste time and get in here.” Next I heard the shower curtain open and the water turn on.

Blood instantly rushed between my legs and my heart is pounding. By the time I got to the bathroom, my dick was pulsating and my grey boxer briefs did a horrible job hiding my ever growing hard on. And by horrible I mean they literally didn’t hide anything.

I stood there in shock for a moment watching the water pour over her olive skin. Her nipples were already hard and just begging to be sucked. Beads of water that rolled down her firm, perky ass put me in a trance. Instinctively, my hand gripped my dick and I slowly started moving my hand up and down. I didn’t know how she’d react since I was married, but I couldn’t help myself. We gave each other a look and, as if she knew exactly what I was gonna ask, softly said, “it’s okay, I want you to do it too.” In a moment my warm, throbbing dick was in my bare hand and I was slowly stroking from tip to base. I wanted to take in every moment watching her perfect body covered in beads of streaming water.

I’ll leave you on a cliff hanger because I just realized how much I wrote. If there’s any interest, I’d be happy to post the rest of the story

Thanks for reading!


NSFW: yes

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