I (M28) my coworker’s wife asked me to go on a lunch with her!

Hello everyone, so this happened yesterday actually. My coworker (let’s call him Peter) is a really nice guy with a wife (Let’s call her Kate) that we can’t believe how did he get her. He looks good but his wife is the type of woman that makes even a pope stare at her. She’s unbelievably hot.

Kate visits her hubby at work constantly and most of the time she will bring his lunch. We talk a lot when she comes in. Sometimes in front of her husband and sometimes we either coincidentally meet (at the workplace) and sometimes she will ask me if we can talk a bit privately. But the thing is, even when we talk privately there is nothing private in what we are talking about. It’s just typical conversation with a lot of flattering here and there. Sometimes she will ask me to walk her to the car and when I do at the end she will give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek (she never does that when her husband is around). One time she even kissed on the area between my cheek and my neck but she apologised and she said she meant to kiss my cheek.

Lately, she has been messaging me a lot. Almost daily! One day I mentioned that I will have the next week completely off and here was the shock. She asked if I want to meet with her for a lunch next week. Guess what, the time she chose is when hubby is exactly at work. And she also hinted that her husband doesn’t know about it.

I told her that I will think about it and let her know.
What should I do?

NSFW: yes

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