I (M27) got violated during a flight from a mature woman

I’m a M27 from Italy. Since 4 years, I work by my own and the only thing I need is and internet connection. I’m traveling almost 11 months a year, staying 1-2 months in each place, usually renting apartments. Being also single I have plenty stories to post here but now I want to write about something that happened to me last week while I was moving from Ireland to Netherlands.

Four days ago I was at Dublin’s airport ready for the boarding. I like to enter the airplane as one of the last person to pick a seat I like, usually an empty row.

Once seated before taking off a woman who was already seated elsewhere asked me if the place close to me was free. It was a 3 seats row, I was at the window and I had two free seats close to me. Instead of sitting on the aisle seat, she went for the middle one, but I wasn’t thinking anything about it. She asked me where I’m from and we started a little talk about her love for Italy and things like that. She was from Netherlands and she was coming back home from Dublin where she had a work trip. She was in her 40’s, very good looking, blonde hair, skinny, perky tits, I couldn’t see her ass because she was seated though. She started with some physical contact while talking, a tittle touch on the arm and so on. After the take off we continued talking, she told me that she was married with a 16 years old daughter. Since she continued to keep her hand on my knee, my bulge started to grow and was visible through my grey sweatpants. Being gigantic, I tried to hide it with my backpack.

I think she noticed it because after 10 seconds she leaned her hand towards my bulge under the backpack and without saying anything she started rubbing my cock very hard. I was in shock because nothing before that made me think that it could happen. I was speechless, we were in a plane full of people and I didn’t say a word, letting her continue in disbelief. Then her hand made a way through my boxers and she started stroking, I was rock hard and lasted I think one minute before cumming in my boxers. Once she felt my dick pulsating she removed her hand, smiled and started watching at my bulge to see the cum leaking through the grey sweatpants, making a mess with clearly visible darker spots.

Then she avoided eye contact and we were silent for about 15 minutes. After that, she started moving her hand towards my boxers again, and started stroking me whispering at my ear “I think your cock wants more”, and started stroking against. This time it was better because everything inside was sloppy due to the previous cum. This time I lasted longer but after 5 minutes she started rubbing my balls and I was cumming again making a mess again. This time she didn’t removed her hand and started playing with cum. Everything happened with my oversized sweatpants and boxers up, my cock wasn’t out the entire time.

When she removed her hand from my crotch, she picked a paper tissue from her purse and cleaned herself.

Again, no eye contact or talking for half an hour, until the landing. Once landed she gave me her number and told me to message her for a drink.

This is maybe the craziest thing happened to me because it was without consent and I felt sexually violated in a certain way but I didn’t care since it felt so risky and she was hot.

I messaged her yesterday but she didn’t responded yet.

(to hide the gigantic stains on my sweatpants after the landing I faked to drop a water bottle on my pants… at least I hope no one had a clue about what happened)

NSFW: yes

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